The Interviews For These Paid Internships Have Been A Learning Curve

Well, I had an interview at Livity,  an agency firm that targets the 16-35 age group. Even though I didn’t  get it, I’m so proud that I had the opportunity to be shortlisted. I understand that (on heir part) they had loads of applications.

Reflecting on the interview, I didn’t prepared enough. I was applying for a Digital Marketing Internship, so I don’t know why I didn’t mention my Marketing & PR Internship at GIFTED or explained in detail my role as a Social Media Intern. Darn!

It’s essential to assess my skills and experiences theatre relevant to the job role. I’ve applied for many different roles, such as a Communications Assistant at the Anne Frank Trust, Front Office Intern at Hilton Hotels and the Content & Marketing Assistant at Viacom International are having a Big Year of internship, so I’m having a go in applying for the Talent & Music Intern with Music Television (MTV). Otherwise, there’s the Press Office Internship at the Multiple Scoliosis Charity and a Research vacancies at Media Eye.

Oh well,  whatever  happens,  I’ll prepare myself, be professional whilst continually search for an internship.

It’s all good people, because I’m already on my way.


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