Kanye West’s Continuing Stakes Into The Fashion Books

Kanye West has become marmite for many of us (but he doesn’t care, because he’s got the mills, a hot soon-to-be-wife and a beautiful baby daughter). From his big ego of being the ‘Yeezus’ (that has caused outrage in the Christian community) to his frustrations of not getting enough nominations for the Grammys for his controversial ‘Yeezus’ album (even though he had the most nominations in the history of Hip Hop) we can all agree that Mr god has had some ‘moments’. His outspokenness shows his mental perception of him being god (hey, it’s part of the masculine make-up). Even though I disagree with his ‘god’ high mindedness, I give the man respect for standing up for his missus (Kim Kardashian). He definitely taught that guy that he should watch his racist mouth (fellas, protect your woman).

Image: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Hearing that he’s a fashion victim is a very humbling news. Believe what you want, but it’s been said that he wants to

be just as big as Jay-Z and his clyde Beyonce, who have conquered both the music and fashion world. Kanye West’s pursuits into the fashion world has been a battlefield. Who could forget his first catwalk collection that was recorded as the worst fashion shows in Paris (not good)?

Despite the constant backlash from the fashion world (especially the PR firms), Kanye West continues to be resilient. He begins again with a new collection in with  French brand A.P.C. I see a few of his pieces in edgy magazines such as Notion, i-D and Dazed & Confused. I assume that the reason why PR’s refuse to work with him is due to the of lack of presentation skills. It clearly shows that he’s not of graduate degree , but more of what I call the degree-of-ghetto-heaven. Surprisingly he wanted to go to St Central Martins in London (I thinking of the London College of Fashion, where he’ll get mobbed everyday by students) and how he’s progressing from fashion victim to fashion icon after gaining tips from the likes of the  Sartorialist, through Tommy Ton and Style.com.


Calling himself a fashion icon is a personal acclamation. However, unless the fashion world sees it, he’s still in their eyes a victim. It’s going to take many trials and errors in order to be recognized as a fashion icon  everyone desires and wants to dress like.

Therefore, Kanye West’s supernatural works into the fashion rankings continues.


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