New Feminism Portrayed In Songs

2014 has begun with female empowerment. Despite feminist views been clearly expressed in pop music throughout the years. Shocker of the day — there are male feminists! UK duo Rizzle Kicks and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are a few of the new majority that have spoken about their hate of the stereotypes associated with females. Luckily enough, Levitt has highlighted during his chat on the Ellen about his feminist mother that was a stir of inspiration behind his work in “Don Jon”.

Are these fellas gay? No! They’re still men. It’s been rather dictated wrongly by the media that being feminist means you’re an angry female who rants about men and preaches that women don’t need a man. Which sucks, hence why the competition of the ‘bitchiness’ (excuse my language) is freaking idiotic and vain. Blaming the woman for everything, when really ‘It’s a man’s world’ (James Brown ‘It’s A Man World).

Sure, Eve was deceived, but who was one that disobeyed God again? Despite being told not to eat the forbidden fruit prior to the making of his other half?

Is there a new female empowerment arising? You could say so. However, this female empowerment is what I call the female empowerment of ‘enlightement’. Crushing those stereotypes that have given feminism a no-no.  Irrespective of our cultures globally, 98% of issues get associated with females. Chimamanda Achibe highlights these issues associated in females in Africa (girl said my mind man).

Beyonce has always highlighted her feminist views, but her new album ‘Beyonce’ has taken it up a notch. Songs such as “Pretty Hurts”, “Flawless” and the visual of “Grown Woman” reflect everything that Achibie has said about our society, both traditional and Western –we all do the same thing to females.  This means that society has somewhat become hypocritical and a double standard. Personally, a man cheating on his wife is just as bad as a woman doing the same thing. Also, it’s not always the woman’s fault if she get’s raped. Some men are so bad that they can devise a way to sleep with her when she’s in her vulnerable condition. Without getting caught. Like Lily Allen said, it’s “Hard Out Here for a ***** “.

I don’t know much about other cultures, but I know that even today, many girls are denied the right to go to school. Having a girl in the family is like a commodity in exchange for money. Therefore, many parents manipulate their daughters to set their sights on having a husband — who are the Jerkyll & Hyde nightmare.  Others is due to pressure from parents because it’s ‘the next stage in life;. It’s worse if your parents start comparing you to your siblings and friends who have married and have kids; you’ll do it to keep their mouth shut. These poor choices have caused many to have unaccomplished lives. I mean, getting abuse from day one by the man your parents have hinted/arranged to marry (or you find yourself) is not fun. Especially if you have lack of knowledge about your own rights.

‘Once upon a time I met the perfect guy. He had that colgate smile he had that suit and tie. Mama always said get a rich boyfriend…You bet I totes believed her, every word she said…’ 

(I would like to highlight that this is no excuse not condone the male abusers too. There’s not enough law about that is there?)

How about those independent ladies who refuse to settle down? Does that make them less of a woman if she doesn’t get married or have children? Isn’t love a spiritual virtue that shouldn’t be placed in a life agenda diary by anyone else apart from herself?

I guess men play on the motherly love, beauty and submissiveness females. They’ve used these attributes as an excuse for mental manipulation, domination, laziness and commodity. Therefore, those men who fall into this category get very intimidated by a woman who is financially stable, independent, classy and has a intellect, because they feel that she dominates them more, making them more powerless.

“We say to girls, you should aim to be successful, but not too successful, otherwise you will threaten The Man.”  — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Am I saying all men are bad? No, they are lovely guys out there, it’s such sad that some don’t have the time and patience to understand and appreciate a woman’s hard work besides making babies. Why can’t they be like the gentleman in Neyo ‘Miss Independent’ track ‘She got her own things.That’s why I love her. Miss Independent; can I get the chance to spend some time.’ 

From experience, we females get pushed over and that strives us to be the best for ourselves. So like Destiny Child, we’ll continue being the ‘…honeyz making money…’ and the ‘…mamas dropping the dollars…’  

Make no mistake about it fellas, most of us are ‘…good with or without you…’ (Blaque ‘I’m Good’) and can ‘kick it off when you ain’t around’ (Pussycat Dolls ‘I Don’t Need A Man’).

Men are always heroes. Women are the heroines. New feminism is about equality of both sexes. Men are supposed to help women reach their full potential and a woman is supposed to compliment the man; as in be the heart, strong bone and help-mate, which I believe doesn’t mean just making kids. In my mind, I feel that what a good relationship and marriage is. Where both parties are equal, with a difference in dominance by 2% (laughs).

‘…it’s a man world. but it would mean nothing…nothing without a woman or a girl.’

So guys, because you help your missus do the house chores and cooking doesn’t make you less of a man.

Be the Superheroines you are ladies!

‘I’m a woman on a mission, whatever it takes I’ll do what I gotta do’.




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