The Golden Globes 2014: K GO GO’s Lowdown – The Glory, Glamour and er…Sewage Spillage

It was the night of one of the film industry’s prestigious ceremonies. Apart from the nasty pipe breakdown that decomposed the fresh glamourous red carpet, stars legends and new popular kids (basically the actors and actresses) graced the night. The smell of the sewage didn’t distract the attention of the the looks, fashion and the official winners. Now Mother Earth, this was not the right time to destroy those designer dresses!


As you know already, “American Hustle” and “12 Years A Slave” were the trailblazers of the night; having seven ‘nomnoms’ each. With that in mind, here’s what went down.

Oh wait, hold your horses folks! Before I begin, it’s worth noting that British talent has made their mark on the US market. Apart from the country’s fascinations for the royal family and the accents, they’re in love with entertainment shows such as “Misfits”, “Downtown Abbey” and “Little Britain” (even though they had to use subtitles).

“12 Years A Slave”,  “American Hustle”, “Gravity”, “Blue Jasmine”, “Dallas Buyers Club”, “Her”, “Mandela – Walk to Freedom”, “Frozen” and “Wolf of Wall Street” went away with the Golden Globe gong (i.e. the G.G,G). “American Hustle” had a triple win as Best Motion in the Musical or Comedy category, with Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams winning Best Actress and Supporting Actress respectively.


Matthew  McConaughey and Jared Leto won big for their role in movie  “Dallas Buyers Club” in the Best Actor and Supporting Actor categories. Despite having seven ‘nomnoms’, “12 Years A Slave” was crowed as the Best Motion Picture in the Drama category. Leonardo DiCaprio protagonist role in “Wolf of Wall Street” earned him the Best Actor for Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical).  Cate Blanchett won the Best Actress in Motion Drama Picture for “Blue Jasmine” ; while Alfonso Curano direction to movie “Gravity” has earned him praise for his debut.

In television, it was all about “Behind the Candelabra”, “Dancing on the Edge” and “Brookyln Nine-Nine”. The famous flamboyant “Behind the Candelabra” won double GGG’s for Best TV Minerseries/Movie and Best Actor for TV mini-series thanks to Michael’s Douglas’ role as the real life lavish gay man.


With all of the glory laps of the victories and triumphs in entertainment, nothing makes the Golden Globes golden without the fashion. Whose style is highly rated? Well, Jennifer Lawrence, Kerry Washington and Lupita Nyong’o are among the fashion hotlist. Lupita Nyong’o shows females of darker complexion that there’s nothing wrong in adding colour. Picking the right red that compliments her skin in her dress by Ralph Lauren.

Lupita Nyong'o


Jennifer Lawrence wows everyone again with her outfit. Knowing what suits her body shape, she returns in a crop blonde bob, vintage dark red lips and a white neutral dress by Dior. Parallel from her coral dress and brunette hair from last year. Nevertheless, she knows that her small waist is an elegance asset for Dior’s red carpet treasures.

Jennifer Lawrence


Kerry Washington continues with the nice neutral trend by wearing all white from Balenciaga.

Kerry Washington


Unlike Washington, Olivia Wilde and Drew Barrymore took the moment to have fun with their outfits, by choosing to wearing Gucci’s sequin’s dress and Monique Lhuillier (although I prefer in my unprofessional unlicensed expertise that Barrymore’s dress should be more longer).

Drew Barrymore


Indeed, red, sequins, greens, pastels and nice neutrals graced the red carpet alongside strapless, halter necks and slits…as well as the ol’ classic monochrome.

On the downside, many would say that some celebrities made disappointing choices. Guilty to be arrested by Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police Panel is Lena Dunham. From my unprofessional non-expertise advice,  she seems to be uncomfortable. Plus, her ‘babalons’ (breasts) seemed to be pressed in by force. Many would argue that yellow is not the right colour for her pale complexion. Would a nice green do the trick?  I know, how about black? Or what if she worn a 50’s style dress, with her shoulders showing? What about a nice side wrapped dress, because strongly structured-bra structures like this one doesn’t compliment upper body. Maybe something similar to Catilin FitzGerald that was more of ballgown length should do the trick, with a strong A-line at the bottom like Lily Rabe? Can’t she still wear something similar to Camilla Alves excluding the sequins? Or a peplum type dress since her hair is short? However, I give her props of trying to add colour to the occasion. I’ve other comments degrading the star’s oral appearance…tut tut tut. Not nice.

Lena Dunham


Mixed opinions speculate about Maria Menounos’ dress. Cut the bottom drape and you have your club/party outfit in seconds. Personally, I like it. Different from the common red carpet norm. Although, many would agree that this could be a club outfit. 

Maria Menounos


Emma Watson is another one that has caused division in the fashion public. It could be said that she is the only one that could and can get away with this outfit. She made this outfit look good, despite the strong plunge back cut. A clever risk that worked well with her bob.

Emma Watson


This autumn and winter we’ve seen the return of the the tough velvet. The material is really a favourite to many as it can make one really hot in heated crowded places, where strong lights are involved. However, would anyone mix velvet with satin like Julie Bowen? What are your thoughts?

Julie Bowen


These are some of the celebrities that have wowed, ‘ahhed’ or ‘ewwed’ fashion critics.Whether they hit your fashion radar personally or not, one thing is clear – even celebrities have bad fashion days.


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