Music Monday: Mashup Of New Class Of 2014 – The Fast Five

It’s the first week of 2014 and everyone is on the talk of new actors, predicted film blockbusters and of course, the new freshmen in music. Therefore, on the basis of the list suggested by MTV Brand New for 2014, BBC’s Sound of 2014 and a host of others, I’ve developed a fast five mashup on the biggest emerging talent that will touch the skies this year.

In case you’re not aware, I already blog about a host of emerging, upcoming talent. Therefore, please feel free to check out my previous “Music Monday” posts from 2013.

Anyways, let my first music mash up commence.

Ella Eyre – Trailblazer Soul-Diva

Looking for soul that’s live and upbeat? Then check out Lioness Ella Eyre (well, she has a lion as her logo so I assume it means something). Indeed, many of us have been waiting for the next queen who will introduce the world to the UK’s diverse approach on classic-jazz soul since Amy Winehouse (rest in peace). A young lass with big curls and a mature ‘soulful voice’ far beyond her years, it’s no wonder that she’s a hot ticket to Rudimental, Naughty Boy and Wiz Khalifah, with Dizzie Rascal and Professor Green interested in working with the BRIT intellectual.

If Amy Winehouse and Jessie Ware are in your mix, then be sure that Ella Eyre will sugar up that icing on your cake.

Elyar Fox – UK’s New Boy Crush (ladies scream).

Let’s take a few minutes to do a drastic Kim Kardashian weep to JLS being no more and Justin Bieber’s retirement from music FOREVER…

…You’re done? Okay, let’s resume back to basics.

Many of you ladies can’t help (well, actually I can’t help) but to have a C.R.U.S.H for this guy. He’s worked hard to get where he is at 16/17 and he’s practically on his way to success. Over pop history years, the UK has produced a host of dream sweetheart-boyfriends; Take That, Boyzone, Five, One Direction, JLS, The Wanted, Union J, The Vamps  Conor Maynard and now Elyar Fox. His big eyes and cool quiff hair will make you want to ask for a kiss. He made his debut at this year’s Jingle Bell Ball and is beginning to cause pandemonium with the girls everywhere. His single “Dot It All Over Again” will be released on the 12th January.

Awww, he so cute (flattering of eyelashes).

Banks – Dark Horse of Digital-Futuristic R&B

Banks represents what the 00’s music is: futuristic,  smooth dance beats and R&B. Her merge of these two genres has made her to unite lovers of these music genres respectively. She’s created a sound that has effectively given her a trademark. I believe it’s cleverly done. Afterall, many of us still love the old skool R&B/dance of the 90s and 00s right?…Unless I’m speaking on behalf of myself.

After hearing one of her tracks at work , I was intrigued to find out more about her. Surprisingly, she’s comes to the UK very often and has produced her own EP according to other sources.

Ella Paige Clark – Rising Pop Princess

Sweet popsicle has already worked with Tinchy Stryder as well as supporting Justin Beebs! With these two artists giving her a platform. the lady has already completed her “Made You Look” EP. Apart from being in the spotlight, she’s also worked behind the scenes. Especially at X Factor styling department! Either way, sister is wasting on time on the haters. Keep brushing those haters’ dust off your shoulders Ella!

Her increasing fan base proves that she’s the star to watch.

MNEK – Music Multi Mogul Superhero

Finally, you guys now know the master behind last year’s big summer anthem “I Need You 100%” by Duke Dumont ft A.M.E. He’s worked with a large host of names; Little Mix, The Saturdays, Rudimental, CocknBullKid…yes, the A-studded list shows that he’s becoming a hot name among both upcoming and emerging artists. At the age of 14, he’s being doing what he loves and is already in the fast lane with his signing to Virgin/EMI; after those long days of sending his music to blogs. Following the likes of legendary producers Dr Dre, Timberland to Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, MNEK is the leader of his own destiny (he can sing, write and produce).


Congratulations on getting your first Grammy nomination son. Success has already started.

Even though there’s a long list of other names, these are my fast five. However, I still continue to keep being on the look out for understated potential artists. Keep your eyes peeled.


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