Queen B’s PR Move and the Future Of The Music Industry

Well the year 2013 ended with Beyonce’s personal PR move of using the digital and social media as to tool to market her self entitled album, as well as other things that have happened throughout the year such as Dre’s move to create a music platform to compete with Spotify (oooooh now that’s heating up digital music industry isn’t it) and Def Jam founder Russell Simmons  launching a record label that nutures and discovers new talent that have done a host of video-song-covers. In other words, think of Justin Beeb’s success.

With these happenings occurring and 2014 already in its second day of a year of perfection and completion (I took to church with that latter statement), the question is: ‘What’s the future of the music industry?’.

Well, many newspapers, blogs and other publication outreaches have answered the first one after the surprise Beyonce album drop: global music heavyweights will no longer need music intermediaries. Intermediaries as in the PR firms that (or have) been the mediator between the artists and their fans. Reflecting on Beyonce’s justification of sending her new visual music artwork straight to Itunes, she expresses her tiredness of the traditional procedures and that she can directly speak to her fans, as if she’s speaking to them face-to-face. It can be agreed that too much gets between fans and the artists that they love. Over the years of music, music PR firms, publishers and editors have always had a strong hand in what gets released. However, the rise of social media between 2006/2007 (with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube in their early days) has in my belief extinct the middle person (i.e intermediaries). Wholly speaking, it’s the journalists/bloggers that have been recognized as the voices, getting more gratitude than they’ll ever get working for a magazine publication at an office. In the case of music, Beyonce as created a new world where power will soon be returned to the artists. Besides, why do you need a PR firm to promote your music when you’ve have an established fanbase of millions across the social media?

Lady Gaga’s new album “Artpop” went through the traditional process and caused a lot of different rumours and edits from the intermediaries. While Beyonce’s album went straight to Itunes and has become the fastest download in Itunes record books. Yes folks, her name is now encrypted into history…

May I stress that only the global music heavyweights could make this move! Nevertheless, it’ll become a new strategy…Beyonce is first, so we’ll see who’ll follow suit.

Social media has become a power tool for emerging, upcoming and established music stars. It has become a online portfolio for artists. So if you’re tired of entering into a reality entertainment show, why not create  your own music videos and showcase your talent online. (I’ve repeated this already) Justin Beebs got discovered from Youtube after doing a host of DIYoutube music videos. Miley Cyrus‘ “Wrecking Ball” got the most Youtube hits in one day! These are just few of the amazing incidences where music artists have used social media as a substitute to public relations or getting a record deal instead of going around record labels. Nowadays, it’s the record labels that find you.

Which leads to my next point, social media will continue to influence legal music downloading and streaming. We have already have Apple’s Itunes who are  the King of music downloads both for established, upcoming and music artists alike. Spotify (which is what I use) has now made their music service free on tablet and phone. Good news for those who are looking for ways to listen to their playlist without paying legally. Now Dr Dre wants to join in the gang, with his own downloading/streaming platform. I’ve heard of this power move from MOBO.com as they, I believe are the only ones to report he news. Although links to other reports are fully welcomed in the comment section of my blog.

Yes peeps, Dr Dre plans to launch a music stream service that would rival Spotify. Apparantely, Mobo.com reports that it’ll be called Beats Music. Guess I and the rest of the world need to look forward to that then.


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