Happy New Year Peeps! I’m Back To Move My Blog Forward

After reviving it again last year Summer, I’ve noticed a string of new followers, hits and comments.

It’s a good thing that I’ve returned back here. I’ve been familiar with WordPress since 2010 and have seen how bloggers such as Susie Bubble, Patricia Bright, Bip Ling, Beauty Crush and a host of others that have experienced vast success once they decided to used their laptops and personal expertise as the source of being top favourites and opinion leaders.

In addition to this, many employers have the expectation that you should have one. If a recruiter writes in the job specification that ‘candidate must be social media savvy’ of somewhat, they’re surely asking for more than just updating statuses on Twitter and Facebook. Hence why I decided to use this blog to showcase my work and write about my interests. My experiences of my journey towards my career have been reflected already and I’ll continue to do this. Blogging takes patience, time and persistence. I plan to elevate my blog to be interesting with my own sense of humour to interesting topics in the world of entertainment and fashion, which is gradually coming together.

All it takes is one step at a time. Therefore roll on 2014, because the journey of success has just begun.


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