The Quest For That Christmas #1

Before reality entertainment show winners began to take over the number 1 spot, it was always artists that either produced their own tracks or Christmas songs that were relative to the season…in addition to the charitable ones. Take the Spice Girls, East 17, Westlife and Band Aid for example.

Many of these big names will give extra time in producing a Christmas album. Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis, Boys II Men and Mary J Blige are a few names that have done so. Even if the songs isn’t the same ol’ novelty carols, some of these popstars’ tracks get you in the mood for the season. Take for example East 17’s ”Stay Another Day”, Spice Girls ”2 Become 1” and ”Goodbye” or Westlife’s ”I Have A Dream”.

Apologies for placing this question on the plate but, what’s the significance of getting the Christmas number 1? What affect does it have on revenues? I’m only saying this because getting a Christmas number one can either be just for that week – unless you’re big superstar and have already conquered the top spot during different times of year. The Beatles have had four Christmas number ones while the Spice Girls (i.e. the biggest UK girl band EVER in the history of pop) had three in the nineties…the best decade of being a kid. Cliff Richard is also another artist who’s has quadruple Christmas number ones under his belt.

Looking through wikipedia list of the Christmas number ones between 1952 to this present day, they’ve been funny ones, such as Bob The Builder (”Can We Fix It?”) and Mr Blobby ”Blobby”.  Band Aid’s popular ”Do They Know It’s Christmas”. has been edited in two generations since 1986 and have reached the top spot in 1989 and 2004 respectively.

It was only until 2002 we saw Girls Aloud gained their first number 1 with ”Sound of the Underground”. Since that year, we’ve had winners from the reality entertainment music shows Shayne Ward, Leon Jackson and Alexandra Burke.  X Factor 2009 winner Joe McElderry missed out after a Facebook campaign to stop another X Factor winner reaching the top. That campaign really worked and instead, Rage Against the Machine’s track ”Killing the Name” was on top…despite the track was released 17 year’s ago. This was the first time that we see the influence social media campaigns can have on an audience. They definitely killed the X Factor name that year.

Apart from Matt Cardle, other artists have reached number ones instead. I believe that many were beginning to get tired of seeing a X Factor winner storm the charts all the time, and would rather let the charts go back to basics. Many X Factor winners have become second. Military Wives outsold Little Mix’s ”Cannonball” and The Justice Collective‘s single ”He Aint Heavy, He’s My Brother” beat James Arthur. Charitable causes get noticed. Many people give back to the unprivileged, who are unable to have the luxuries and joy for this season (personally, people should be giving  back all the time; not only at Christmas).

2013 sees Sam Bailey as the winner. Will she have tough competition? Well we’ll see. Afterall, the public are getting weary about these entertainment reality winners taking over the number spot…as if that’s the only way one can become big…KMT.


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