Looks Like There’s No Christmas Cooking From Nigella Lawson This Year

Every Christmas, I get prepared to learn more Christmas recipes from no other than Nigella Lawson… I assume that she’s every man’s dream housewife (especially with her amazing cooking skills).

I and my younger sisters watch her shows and drool on the television; wishing that we could cook some of her delights (because we can all cook Nigerian food).

Image: http://www.thetimes.co.uk

Unfortunately, I don’t think she’ll be doing another one of her Nigella’s Kitchen Christmas series (unless if you know that she is). She’s had a tough year with her broken marriage to that Saatchi CEO who hides money under his carpet (that’s tight, he should give that money to me and other ordinary citizens who are still paying off outstanding debts). Plus, reports also claim drug allegations of using  ‘coke’ on multiple occasions by her former assistant and her housekeeper Francesca Grillo. Despite Lawson’s denial of only using it once.  She’s even accused for her fraudulent operations on her ex-husband’s credit account. Fortunately, her sisters claim that she authorised their spending.

Regardless of these reports of her pitfall-from-stardom-grace, all I can give her is mercy and hope. We humans are not perfect whatsoever. People would have changed their perceptions about her since the alleged strangling from her husband. Reports even state that she allows her kids to have cannabis (cringe).

Do I believe that she’ll return? Yes. I hope that she returns to our screens, because I really crave to eat and cook her recipes. Personally, she should go away for while, get a refresh and comeback to doing what she does best.

7 times a righteous man falls and gets back up again.


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