ZZAAAAP! POW! BAM! 2013: The Marvel Superheroes That Rocked The Film World

Another interesting post for you folks that are tired of the stupid CCTV information about celebrities. Many of us are gleeing for Christmas. The only time of year when you can eat till you ‘belle-full’. When there are good movies on television that you haven’t watch in the cinemas. Surely, your crazy diet routines have completely gone out of the window for a few days (or weeks). Before you let go of your tummy, let’s recap of the Marvel superheroes that rocked 2013.

We’ve seen the progress of the classic Marvel comics pop-out alive on the silver screen. The film industry realised this market opportunity and progressed to upgrade recent television shows like Spiderman, Batman, Superman and the Hulk. Advancing these characters lives to ongoing sequels and trilogies, allowing fans to grow up with them. Especially those who aren’t comic fanatics.

This year it was all about the Man of Steel. We’ve seen the Dark Night trilogy received massive praise (thanks of Christian Bale) and awards. With that chapter closed, fans and comic geeks alike look unto Superman. Obviously, there was huge speculation that the film wasn’t going to be great…but man, Henry Cavill, nice sweet white-choco-lattes!…

Resuming back to my last statement of the film being not being great, eventually and surprisingly was. Looking into the revenues. It was the most ever high-grossing Superman film, second-grossing movie behind Spiderman. It made $290,000,000 in North America and $370,000,000 in other countries. That’s (calculating in my mind) $660,000,000 altogether (exact figures are on boxofficemojo.com). The film grossed most funds in countries such as United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta and shockingly China. With the film successfully gaining revenue, new progressing sequels are in the works. With the second film to the Man of Steel trilogy seeing Batman (played by Ben Affleck) knocking heads with the protagonist.

Showing that Iron has more strength is the third installment to the Iron Man franchise. Iron Man 3 grossed $ 1 billion overall! Yes, that’s the revenue of it’s release in North America and Worldwide combined. It’s the biggest grossing trilogy of 2013 and in the short history of threequels EVER. It reaches fifth in the global highest profitable films to date and second in Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney behind The Avengers.

2013 also saw the second chapter to the Wolverine chronicles entitled Wolverine. Fans of the biggest X-Men character saw their hero begin his journey as the mutant we all know an love. The film was number one in 100 countries, bringing in a revenue of $86.5 mill, which is higher than X-Men: The Last StandGlobally, it’s the second highest gross in it’s franchise.

Thor is increasingly becoming a favourite in the Marvel world, despite having no previous records of television shows. Nevertheless, the film’s errie second installment received large openings in the UK, Ireland, Malta, China, France and the Maghreb. For two weeks, it topped the US Box Office, until the return of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Thor: The Dark World surpassed it’s first debut by bringing in $620,000,000.

From these figures of profit and revenues, one could say that the commercial move of creating Marvel movies was a good one. With the new year upon us, whilst still being in the mood to EAT EAT EAT during the Christmas celebrations, people are making predictions about which superheroes will rock next year.

2014 will see the return of Spiderman with a new powerful nemesis Electro. Talks are already in the works with Sony as they’re planning to release another 2 movies with Amazing Spiderman 3 & 4 released in 2016 and 2018 respectively. Once again, the X-Men will see the clash of their younger selves as they team up with the cast of X-Men: First Class in movie X-Men: Days of Future PastCaptain America struggles to know who his allies and enemies are in the second sequel to the adventures of Captain America which Chris Evans stars…watch out for a new ally superhero named Falcon. After Megan Fox snipping off her role as Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot takes her place and we will see her in the second Man of Steel movie (you know Superman vs Batman) but that movie. I believe will not be having it’s release next year. Instead, it’s Guardians of the Galaxy a cosmic team that’s like the Avengers. Please comment and send me links about this. For now it’s laterz for 2013 folks. Swoooooosh!

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