X Factor UK 2013: It’s End Of The Road For Rough Copy To The Nines (Sassy Click Of Fingers)

Ahhh man, Rough Copy thought that they were in the final — not, as they had the least votes against Luke Friend. On a brighter note, it’s a good thing that they didn’t win. They’ll have more control over their destiny. Despite that they have to work hard to get a record deal, I strongly believe that they’ll get one and be back on the music radar very soon ladies…as well as folks making fun of their outfits and saying that they’re gay (hey, it happened with JLS. Now they have their number 1 ladies in their lives).

Don’t have a clue what’s wrong with you lot, but I kind of like their individualistic style. By the looks of things, they’ll be getting a lot of British established and emerging men designers styling them. Rough Copy are a true inspiration, especially with their emotional speech. Look forward to see where the Lord leads them, because the only way for them is up.

”RC, RC rolling with the RC!”

That’s my chants, but since mine’s rubbish, I’ll just roll with the ”RC, RC, RC’.

Sam Bailey

She’s been consistent throughout the competition. So it was an easy slide into the finale.

Nicholas McDonald

Gary and Nicole gave him a harsh critique after his first performance of the popular ‘Halo’ from Queen B. However the 17 year old came back fighting with his second performance, bringing his right back in the race for that 1 million dollar prize. Phew!

Luke Friend

I liked hows he’s reedits Beyonce’s ‘Best Thing I Ever Had’ track to his own ‘Luke sprinkle’.  He’s defintely knows who he is and his music. It has a mix of Mumford & Sons, with a bit of Ellie Goulding and possibly the Lumineers. Plus, his style will surely go down well with the lads who don’t want to copy One Directioner Harry Styles.

So these are the finalists. Since we’re getting at the end of another year of the X, look how my post is getting smaller. Don’t even know what I’m going to write for the finals. I should actually go straight to the point…all you need to know is the winner isn’t it?


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