My 12 Songs Of Christmas: Classics, Modern Retakes #5 Boyz II Men – Silent Night

It’ll be nice, in my imaginary world have a quartet that consists of  two black (choco-lattes), one white (snowflake-milk-latte) and the other mixed race (caramel-choco-hotto) with athletic bodies to sing to me. Ahhh, thank you God for making men. Ladies let’s be honest, they can be complete idiots at times with their egos and possibly stubborn, but their strength, aggressiveness and differences makes them beautiful. Men can really love someone. So ladies, be grateful for your boyfriend/husband/finace and never let those bad days over do what you both have each other. Not all men are bad, you just have to distinguish the boys from the men, the dogs from the gentlemen, the perves from the classy…

Even though I’m writing this, I’m still craving for my ‘dream’ to come true. Oh well, I’m back from my high horse now people.

Check out Boyz II Men‘s ‘Silent Night‘ acapella. Man, listening to it with earphones is soothing…hence why I wished my dream quartet that’s-unlikely-going-to-happen-in-this-lifetime sang like this.


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