EXCLUSIVE: The Casual-Surprise Return Of Beyonce And Her New Visual Material

Yes, Rihanna may be the princess but we all surely know who the Queen is. The way that she casually dropped her new album on iTunes early in the morning, as well as this interesting visual on her instagram to mark it’s release with ‘surprise’; and what a surprise it was.

Oh hell nah! Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten the Queen B? The lady that’s still bringing it at 30, despite juggling her other duties and as mother and wife to Jiggaman. Surely, we’ve noticed that she’s been silent all year. Guess she’s been working hard to cook something in the kitchen. It’s now cooked, baked and ready to be consumed with our musical ears. Like founder of Musicalize Ben D. Anderson tweeted, ‘I feel bad for whoever thought they were going to No.1 with their album. #Beyoncé just swooned in like…’

WHOA! You mean to say Mr Anderson?

You know what reminds me of, that celebrity high school where everyone wonders where this person gone after a while and then they unconsciously forget about him/her. An odd silence of their presence begins to emerge because you kind of know when they’re around…then when everyone is talking, looking and moving onto other celebrities, that person just casually walks in with a nice wave of ‘Hi!’ You’ll have to look twice before you’re shock in amazement of their humbling return. All of the questions, buzz and attention resumed back to him/her. This is the case with Beyonce. Her self-entitled album ‘Beyonce’ (duh) is a visual treat of 17 videos to compliment 14 of her songs. #MerryXmas! Check out these 30 Previews from her artwork (because it is art).


Pretty Hurts


No Angel

Yonce (featuring models Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman)



Grown Woman (with appearances from Kelly Rowland & her mum)


Mine (ft Drake)




Flawless (featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie0)

Drunk in Love (ft Jay-Z)

Superpower (featuring Frank Ocean)


Apologies, to the person on the top of the iTunes downloads, because this lady has casually-swoon your spot.


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