OMG: Paul Walker’s DEAD!…SO SAD

I say it again! Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!

Suck this life man. Truly death is ruthless as the devil himself.

The worst part is that the brother did those ‘hood’ dialects in the Fast & Furious franchise so good.


Yes people, Fast & Furious star Paul Walker tragically pass away in a car crash at 40. Now that sucks. Two beautiful human beings that have passed away. Again, another waste of life.

The question is, what’s going to happen with the Fast & Furious? I hear that there’s going to be a seventh one. To be honest, I feel that the film franchise will never be the same without him…Which raises the question as to whether they should place his death in the film; in the same way as placed Cory Monteith passing in Glee.

I’m going to miss his fine milk white chocolate. Indeed his blue eyes are very striking as the deep ocean sea.


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