My A, B, C and Back Up Plans

I haven’t done any post about my career journey for a while now. So I feel that this is a good time to write one.

The current update of my job status: part-employed at a fashion retail store. Yes folks, I’m still in the same position. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the Oxfam internship role of a Public Relations & Artist Liaison Intern. Apparently, there were other candidates that have stronger skills and competencies. The chances of me getting that Nokia Internship have been faded to black. The company didn’t even call back. So you know what that means…

Oh well, that’s cool because it indicates that I’m closer to a yes. I’ve applied this week to internship opportunities at, Livity and the London Fashion Festival. I still have the Children’s Society internship application to complete as well as Barclay’s Life Skills Social Media Intern. Hey, sister needs to keep going and keep applying. I’m still awaiting a response from Beaumont Communications. Guess they have a whole backlog of applications to browse through.

This is the first time ever that I haven’t done any internships this year. Weird isn’t it?  People keep asking why I keep doing these internships. Well. with companies demanding more skills and a competitive job market; you have no choice but to work hard and make yourself stand out from other potential candidates.

With this in mind, I have accessed a Plan A, B & C. Plan C came about in October after not seeing any response from my applications (as well as rejections).

Plan A

I completed a joint degree in Advertising & Marketing (with business). I hope to work in media whether with a private sector firm or third sector (Comic Relief, Breakthrough, Children in Need etc). I enjoyed working in the Artiste Development Department at Barnardo’s (working with celebrity supporters and ambassadors). It was really interesting to see celebrities in a new light. Therefore, I’m working on developing more experience in working with celebrities on a business level. Whether gaining experience in a music management firm would be good or working at a firm that deals with public relations, product placements or celebrity endorsements. These are the requirements needed if looking to become an Artist Liaison assistant, executive or Manager.

Plan B

My other is fashion. After working at luxury PR fashion house ESCADA and participated in their VOGUE Fashion Night Out, I realised that I enjoyed it and want to pursue this sector. I heard however, that the importance of networking is vital. The essential accessory s digital media and many firms in this industry ask for candidates to have a blog that showcases their fashion interests. Honestly, I feel that my blog lacks in the fashion section and I’m gradually developing it. So please bear with me.

Plan C

Digital media is changing our world. I have an interest in social media as I used personal platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram LinkedIn and WordPress (duh). Digital and social media are interlinked with many industries such as fashion, media, music etc. If things don’t go to plan,  I’ll continue to write and advance my blog on my own. I have past experience in filming and editing videos during my A Level Media Studies. Since I work, I can save up and purchase my own camera. I’ve been to big events and can compile and conduct interviews with celebrities and new talent. I’m good at what I do so why not advance and become the best at it?

Back Up back Up!

There’s the option of working in fashion retail and advancing to become an Assistant Manager. Although, I prefer to work at the Head Office. Therefore, dealing with customers or working in the PR/Marketing Department would be nice.

I understand the frustrations of finding job, internship etc. My advice? Keep at it and don’t give up! Also apply for internships in smaller firms also and be open to any opportunity that you’ve applied for. Know your rights and understand fully what the position is about and what the company is willing to contribute. Assess your skills and be hopeful…as well as looking at other options because it’s not all the time that people would do what they studied at university.

Don’t let the frustration of being rejected for a dream job role get to you. Enjoy this life and be patient because in the end of your hard work of resilience, you would have a story to tell. All of these job troubles will be a thing of the past.


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