X Factor UK 2013: Hannah’s Elimination in Week Seven

Ahhh shucks! Once  Hannah was placed in the bottom two against Rough Copy, I think she knew that she was going home. At first, I noticed that her tears ceased during her sing-off performance, because she knew that she has came far in the competition, resurrecting herself from the bottom two TWICE. I’m sure that many of you will miss her chocolate-complexion with her beautiful personality of strength, inspiration, resilience…and her smile!

We can agree (well, the most of us that is) that she has an amazing soulful voice. Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want Rough Copy,Tamera Foster, Luke Friend or Nicholas to win.

X Factor has been on our screens for 10 years and the contestants started getting better once Leona Lewis came in 2006. She is the only winning contestant that has experienced success globally. Winning 11 awards and being nominated 30 times. Since then, the biggest runner-ups favourites  (JLS, Cher Llyod, One Direction and Olly Murs) have experienced success post-X Factor. JLS have had five UK number 1’s as well as smashing the album charts, Cher Llyod has conquered the US market (ditching the UK altogether), One Direction are the biggest boy band in the world since the Beatles and Olly Murs surprisingly, has experienced success too with hit #1 albums and singles. Little Mix are showing huge potential after their album ‘Salute’ reached the top five in the UK Album Charts and US Billboards. In addition to their debut album ‘DNA’ selling 3 million copies worldwide. I believe that they besides Leona have experienced fast-track success. Although it’s still early days.

Tamera Foster

It’s debatable as to whether she can take the pressure, because first of all, the girl is 16 years old and has already begun forgetting her lyrics two weeks in a row. Gary Barlow has expressed his views that it’s best for her not to win due to her age, making her vulnerable to a tough industry. Personally, she’s still growing as an artist.

People are placing heavy expectations on the sister to become as big as Rihanna (which they shouldn’t do). Besides that, I like the arrangement of her performance. This should be her trademark…alongside the fluorescent boxes.

Luke Friend

His arrangement of One Direction’s first smasher ‘What’s Makes You Beautiful’ was clever. Sounds even better than the original! Who knew that this guy was going to be the dark horse contender in this competition eh? EH?

Rough Copy

Their male version of En Vogue’s song ‘Don’t Let Go’ sound so good (even though Little Mix sang it on the show). Yes, Louis I agree they’re the UK answer to Boyz II Men but with a JLS-Next-street-mix. Those fellas really took their fashion sense back to the 90s, when it all about the jeans, timz (Timberlands), checked shirts and googles. (Sigh) Those were the days man…

Nicholas MacDonald

The Scottish-sweetie made that song his own. Such a blessing to add another year on such a great event as this. Gary mentioned that he needs to develop his identity as an artist, which will be a climb to be honest. The boy’s 17 therefore, his music identity may take a while. Nevertheless, I see him as a younger Michael Buble that has a gorgeous voice.

Sam Bailey

She’s the one the beat in terms of vocal ability. There’s a diva in the making.

Whoever goes into the final, regardless of whether they win or not, has secured themselves high potentiality of being signed to any record label in five minutes.

I end this post by saying that the contestant’s performance with JLS was memorable. They’ll surely be missed. JLS Forever.

The One Direction boys are now young men and Jessie J looks way better with dark hair. Jessie J gets so underrated as a singer. Shame on you if you haven’t heard the girl SAN-N-N-N-N-G.




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