Kim Kardashian Plays Video Vixen In Kanye’s Bound 2 Music Video

Dang! I’ve been falling off the chair laughing after reading these viewers’ comments via Youtube on Kanye’s ‘Bound 2’  video.

I mean, really Kanye. No, really?

Let’s imagine everyday life.  You know, the public-displays-of-sexual affection at a bus stop.

Kim Kardashian starts to have a relationship with Kanye West. How sweet, just like seeing a couple at the bus stop holding hands.

Later on, Kanye proposes to Kim at a football game in public. Now this is wonderful as the couple start  smooch kissing in front of you at the bus stop. Love is a beautiful thing.

However, after the smooch-kissing the couple progress to dry fondling/ rubbing to the extent that you’ll be cringing OKAY, I GET IT THAT YOU’RE TOGETHER. NOW CAN YOU PLEASE GET A ROOM.

That’s how watching Kim playing video vixen in her fiance’s video feels like. I felt so uncomfortable watching the other version (yes, the uncensored) that I stopped viewing it after five minutes. We all know that Kanye has this big ego about himself, to the extent that thinks that he can compete with the higher supernatural power (God) by claiming himself as ‘Yeezus’. Therefore, in order to feed into this Luciferism idea (God help us), he has created a video that featured his finance butt naked on a bike. Nice…

I know that he’s done a lecture about ‘utopian architecture’ at Havard University but what is the basis of your engagement if not marriage then? Looks and sex? Afterall, Kim Kardashian has built her fame on her assets. Even her fans can’t deny that…but rather they’ll just brush that reality off their shoulders.

Am I happy for them? Yeah man, as I’ve said before love is a beautiful thing, BUT for Kanye to feature her more than just another video vixen is clearly making people to think that she’s nothing more than a trophy wife. Yes Kanye, she is your wifey but please give her the respect she deserves…she’s getting enough stink from the public already on her rise to fame. Therefore, I suggest that you keep your sexual antics locked behind closed doors. Geez.


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