X Factor UK 2013: The Sixth, Quick Fire Update

What I’ve said last week almost feels likes a jinx statement. You know, about Sam Callahan being kept in because of his looks and as the competition progresses… You know what, I’m not going to repeat myself. Just read last week’s post.

Pop rebel Miley Cyrus has got the world ‘twerking’ in the palm of her hand. Hate her or love her she’s still going to shine. (kmt) Girl, you know who really runs this world…as I’ve said already previous post about her at the EMAs, the dollars continue to roll in…#all she’s seeing is dollar signs…pour it pour it up#

Props for singing for real though because singing nowadays has just been auto-tuned (even though some folks thinks that her performance was bad, but I guess it’s because they think she’s crazy).

Well then, the time has come that looks isn’t what’s going to keep Sam Callahan in the competition anymore.

I know many of you teen girls have wept, thrown a tantrum, run the phone bill…have done everything in your power to keep him in the competition. I think the annoying part was that he was much better in the sing-offs than in the performances of the show. Which sucks, because he should have showed that same passion every week.

Oh well my ladies, you can cry a river for now but at least you have the chance to see him at the X Factor Tour. Any chance of asking your parents to give you money for the tickets?

Tamera Foster

Is it me or was anyone unsure about the arrangement of the song. Notice how she nearly forgot the lyrics but slyly smooth it off in true Tamera style. She  needs to be careful not to make that mistake again. Nevertheless, I think those florescent lightning square boxes should be her trademark. Also, I don’t think she should have gone back with the performance style she’d done in week one, but who am I to critique eh? I’m just an average Joe spending time blogging about ‘stuff’.

Either way, if she dressed like that and stood, with minimal walking around then she’s fine.

Rough Copy

If they ruled the world, girls would be at their mercy. Ooooooh they done their harmonies again at the end. Please take a moment while I go ‘London Town’… that was sick bruv.

Hannah Barrett

It’s understandable why she was the first to called out. The way that she was engaged with the audience. Street soul has entered the building!

Sam Bailey

The famous Beatles‘ song was given a Sam Bailey edit. Man, the way she hit those notes in the chorus *starry eyed*.

Luke Friend

His performance was so lovely especially taking on a famous song by Elton John, which was then resampled and edited by Ellie Goulding (who is now doing really well internationally). So I didn’t get why he was placed in the bottom two with his fellow contestant Sam Callahan (can someone please explain to me).

Nicholas McDonald

Brother is now a man. With his performance reaching 250,00o views! I believe that is the best male version of Adele’s song that I’ve ever heard…unless you folks out there in the world have heard better.

Next week is going to be big as the best class from X Factor return to celebrate the shows 10th anniversary. You name it, JLS, Olly Murs ( who surprising has received chart success and hits) and global boyband superstars One Direction!


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