Music Monday: This Is Sasha Keable and Here’s Her ‘Black Book’ EP

You better get this lady on your jukebox, ipod, iphone…whatever technological device you have, get her on your playlist.

I’m talking about Sasha Keable, who was mentioned in Music Week and has worked with Tinie Tempah, who’ve also highly rated this starlet.

Haven’t seen her A64 for SBTV? Then watch it below.

Otherwise, this video with Zinc should light up your mind bulb.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the future (you’re looking at). Tinie Tempah’s new freshman, Parlophone‘s new protege and Disturbing London’s hot topic. Yes, I’m giving her praise after being featured in Notion, Dazed & Confused and ASOS as well as performing at the Yahoo! Wireless Festival this summer. From these credits, she’s already dubbed as the UK’s next generation of neo-modern-soul singers. Her EP ‘The Black Book‘ lives up to what the South London singer is about.

Here are my favourites from the Black Book:

Asking For More

Careless Over You

Nice Side

Tempting As You Are 

Sunday Amane (not on the EP)

She’s also got the acoustic videos to go with tracks ‘Careless Over You’,

‘Asking For More’ and ‘Tempting As You Are’.

Her classy-husky-soulful voice will become an exquisite trademark for her. With the Parlophone/Distrubing London behind her back, she’ll be in the fast lane by next year, because what she has is pure ‘gold’.

To get this treasure ‘The Black Book’, you can freely download her EP from her site.


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: This Is Sasha Keable and Here’s Her ‘Black Book’ EP

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