I Said It! Rihanna: The First Icon At The American Music Awards

After seeing Justin Timberlake being recognised as a ‘legend’ in the eyes of MTV, I had  NO DOUBT that the next person to be recognised as a music icon would be Rihanna.

Think about it, we’ve known her music story for the past ten years of our lives.

I remember her first track ‘Pon de Replay‘.

Then that S.O.S song, which caused all the men to fanstacize

I think the last few songs that ended the ‘Sunshine’ girl chapter was ‘We Ride’ , ‘Unfaithful’ and ‘If It’s Lovin That You Want’,

After recovery (from you know whom), she returned with a darker look, new sound with ‘Umbrella’ (people say that she was  #taken to the dark side …ooo woo woo #). Good Girl Gone Bad indeed.

After that Umbrella track she was heavily recognised, especially following Chris Brown’s attack on her. Funny how people’s expectations of Chris Brown being the next Michael Jackson was demolished while her career took off. Even though it actually did happen, the suspense here is whether the incident was a great tool to increase Rihanna’s fame and publicity. Afterall, the world were on Rihanna’s side while Chris Breezy‘s career and fame was destroyed. Aww man, the way the brother’s music was boycotted as well as the abuse he suffered after that incident.

Since then Rihanna has had hit after hit. Gold, platinum and double if not, triple-quardriple platinum WORLDWIDE.

So hearing that she’s going to be honoured with an Icon Award at 2013’s American Music Awards (according to the Los Angeles Times & MOBO.co.uk)  was like…’Ha! Snap that I knew it’. Plus, she’s supporting Tamera Foster on X Factor. I wonder if Rihanna is going to perform alongside her in the finals (make no doubt about it, Tamera will be in the finals)? Only time will tell.

Rihanna has produced controversial videos like ‘S&M’, ‘Where Have You Been’, ‘Pour It Up‘ and ‘Disturbia’. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop her being the most recognizable artist of the 21st Century. Also, her early beginnings into the fashion industry, following the success of her show Style To Rock as well as her sell-out River Island Collections just shows that if she’s around (for longer), she’ll be in the great record books like Beyonce (who won the most amount of Grammys at one Grammy Ceremony).

The only concern is that in the 21st century, the word ‘legend’ and ‘icon’ has been washed down and can be applied to someone who has been in the industry for 10 years. Regardless of whether they’ve been silent for a while like Justin Timz. I’m saying this because I consider people like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross and Michael Jackson legends because their music is still timeless for generations as well as the ways that they’ve broke boundaries. Like the Jackson family introduced group choreography as well as experimenting with other music genres like rock, hip hop and urban. The way that they created their videos with top-notch dancing is still used today. In fact they were the ones that introduced music videos!

With this new take in the 21st Century on so call legends and icons. I think the next person that should be recognised is Beyonce then right? I mean she was recognised as an Icon at the Billboards Awards 2011. Any chance that she’ll get more? Or what about Miley Cyrus? If she’s still around for 10 years…oooooooh  and Lady Gaga?

I think the challenge now is to keep making timeless music that will keep fans as well as gain new ones. Justin Timberlake is one example of doing this. Loving that ‘Don’t Hold The Wall’ track with Timberland in the background :).


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