Lily Allen – ‘Hard Out Here’: The Vanity Of Society and Popular Culture on Feminism

If you thought 10 years ago she created a stir with her hoops earrings, trainers and ballgowns dresses was enough. Then think again…

Lily Allen has returned fighting; ready to be outspoken, honest and straight-up about the  ‘sexual’ feminism perceptions in society, popular culture and of course, music…and what better way than to launch her fast-rapid-viewing-hit count new video ‘Hard Out Here’.

Already, many consider the Brit princess a *beep* because she’s indirectly making fun of Miley Cyrus ‘twerk’ (after ”suspiciously” sleeping with a black man on the downlow, but don’t worry Miley, I got you *wink), Rihanna‘s sexy-vaginal pose in the controversial-exquisite-porn videoPour It Up‘ and Robin Thicke‘s ‘Blurred Lines’…that’s what people are assuming to believe, which will definitely cause the media to spark rumours surrounding the public claims. In addition to the Allen’s hilarious video is the lyrics.

After watching the video, I had a little think. Hmmmmm, when was the last time that we saw females taking a pun at feminism in society eh? You know, addressing how vain society has become that we (females) have to show our sexual assets in order to create a sell as well as being critical if a girl doesn’t meet the ‘pretty standard’…(sigh) vanity upon vanity (in my mental dictionary waste-of-time).

The last person who tackled this was Pink in her ‘Stupid Girls‘ video.

Oh, what about Christina Aguilera’sCan’t Hold Us Down‘? SING these lyrics ‘…the guy gets all the glory the more he can score, while a girl can do the same yet you call her a w***e.’ Something that Lily Allen also addressed in her video ‘…if I told you about my sex life, you call me a slut but if men talk about their *beep* none’s making a fuss.’  

Double standard society. Personally, I when I hear too much vulgar information from either males or females who talk openly about their lustful-significant others, I’d give them the same disgust, because I really don’t want to know what you get up to in the bedroom. So please, do not corrupt my mind with your sexual antics.

Why is it that females get the blame? According to my mum, she saids its because men ‘have it easy because they can just drop it anywhere’. What she said was freaking hilarious! Nevertheless, even she believes that it’s unfair how women are being exploited and considered the evil doers; and worth nothing more than to get married and be a baby-factory. Suck this life!

I know I’m about to go off point but it just reminded me about Kim Kardashian. Great that she looks bangin’ now, but I saw how people and the media where picking on her with her weight as well as her dress sense. Firstly, man! Isn’t she a normal person? I mean, do you think it would be easy to keep her figure without gaining weight during pregnancy? It’s normal! I believe it’s in the celebrity world that everyone is CCTVing your every movement, which would explain while many, in a weird way would loose the pounds in weeks (that’s if they’ve been exercising a lot before pregnancy that is). I guess that’s what happens when a celebrity has based his/her fame and commercial success on their looks, rather than their intelligence, because to be honest…looks can fade, and in case you don’t know, there’s a ‘downer’ associated with plastic surgery that those surgeons don’t tell you about (kmt cutting your body like some piece of meat).

So was Lily Allen right to create a video and song that pokes fun of popular culture’s perceptions of females (i.e. have big boobs, be skinny, slutty  and clueless)? To many of you it’s a yes. Afterall, it’s hard being a woman out here. Personally, the whole obsession of sex (thanks to porn) has messed up men’s minds. Also, I believe that the reason for other cultures refusal to let their girls go to school is the fear that they’ll out power the men, which in affect will cause them to stop doing their duties such as housekeeping, cooking and so on, and those men in those cultures are scare of that because it’ll mean that they’ve lost their power.

Regardless of your views of Allen’s song, all I can say is this: society has been heavily driven on sex, money…and more sex. Today’s feminism should be based on a women’s dignity, intelligence and character, whilst respecting the men who don’t drive into the commercialization of popular culture’s obsession of a female’s assets. At the same time, men should be guilty of the same things that women are given a stink for. Trust me, you rapping about how many girls you’ve slept with just makes you a ‘man-slut’ and those girls stupid enough to sleep with you, if you’re only going to place them in your lyrics.

Don’t get me wrong, men are sexual creatures and they do want an attractive woman. However, a woman’s attractiveness should not be on her parts but intertwined with her personality.

Ladies, your price is neither determined by your clothes nor ‘panty hoes’, but rather what you know.


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