X Factor UK 2013: The Shocker Of Two Of Nicole’s Acts Up For Elimination

What is X Factor trying to do? Actually what are the public thinking of placing Hannah & Abi in the bottom two last Saturday? Again, I thought Sam (despite how FINNNE he is to the female eye) had the weakest voice. Abi’s performance was amazing with her classy look. Her lushy-quirkyness-vocals (I keep using quirkyness) refurbished a classic song to a new modern audience. Regardless, she’s a ‘musician among musicians’.

It’s arguable to say that X Factor is beginning to loose it’s appeal. If this is the case, we have to see whether they’d be other tactics in order to keep the audience engaged. Afterall, we have the best contestants kept in the competition…well kinda. Still, we have a few weeks before the final, therefore anything can happen.

I see the point of  the judges keeping Hannah. Not only did she have powerful vocals, she represents soul. May I hint that there’s a gap in the market for some UK soul since the passing of Amy Winehouse? Apart from John Newman of course…he’s good.

Her voice represents power, strength and resilience and despite being in the bottom two twice, she’s come back. So Ms Miley Cyrus, if you’re watching (because she practically killed your song)…

Rough Copy

Nicole hints that these lads should be in the FINAL, I couldn’t agree more with her. They’re cute-choco-latte-swagga-daddios who have been consistent throughout the competition. Rough Copy are already ‘made’, all they need is that record deal. ‘# Hit the road jack haters and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no mo’#

Sam Bailey

Sister is even good with a Big Band. I have heard this song, soooooo many times (rolled my eyes). Sang at the West End, Broadway, karaoke bars, pubs, birthday parties and even in the shower, but the way she gave that song it’s justice…bravo Sam, bravo. Sharon described her performance ‘stunning’, Gary is running out of good things to say and Louis states that she’s the one contender to beat in the competition. No wonder the public quickly voted off the other two contestants in Sharon’s Over 25 category with only her standing, because they and I know that she’s POWER! THE LADY IS TOO GOOD. I feel she is one of the best  Over 25’s contestants in X Factor’s history.

Nicholas McDonald 

If I was a very young teen in the 50s I would surely been smitten. Nicholas looked very (and I hint) very sleek and smooth. Almost like he’s grown up to become an adult in a week. Guess all the teen girls are ‘dreaming a little dream…’ of him right now.

In regards to his performance, he clearly knows his vocal abilities. Gary has noted his consistency, while Nicole praises him of continually keeping that gorgeous tonne that he has in his voice. Ahh, the pure lush (flattering my eye lashes).

Tamera Foster

Don’t give a figs, SHE’S GOING TO BE IN THE FINAL. Yeah, I’m seeing all of those Youtube hits of her performances, as well as her own video covers. She’s a ‘little diva’. Forget all of that choreography;  her just standing there, looking glamourous whilst walking around the stage should be her trademark. I keep saying it, X Factor shouldn’t try and make her to be like someone else PERIOD. In agreement with Sharon’s comment, all she needs to do is show more passion and sing as if it’s her last.

Luke Friend

Hmmm… not his strongest as the music genre doesn’t soothe well with his rocky, raspy voice. Although, great that we all got to see his gorgeous face with his hair toed back. Besides, he’s still in the competition. Nicole and Gary feel that this was his weakest performance in terms of vocals. However, he should be credited for his effort despite not having NO CLUELESS about the past of ‘Big Bands’ in music. Guess his performance was a case of trial and error.

Sam Callahan

He brought more of his personality this week. Of a truth, he’s been knocked down quite by the judge but he has the #eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire…#

I’ve run out what to say but tune into next week. Apologies for those of you that have been waiting for my new post. I appreciate your patience.

Shucks that Abi’s been eliminated. Life sucks.


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