Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 6: The Turbulant Season Yet

It’s going to take a while before us UK fans get the series, but boy andmean b-o-o-o-o-o-o-y-y-y.

Season 6 of the smash hit (and most watched housewives franchise) Real Housewives of Atlanta has already begun airing in the US. While I and others are waiting patiently for it to return to ITV 2’s Daytime, watching the series sneak preview has given me a warning that this season’s going to be one rocky ride. I believe many of you have been following up after blossomly-catfighting-going-to-take-my-earrings-out season five right? 

Well,  Nene’s career was going to many heights as well as her re-remarriage. Phaedra got pregnant, Kenya broke up with Walter while he goes to radio stations reported how he paid by her to act like her boyfriend (don’t know how to take that, there’s no need to be desperate), Porsha is getting the D from her controlling-dominant husband  (I can’t remember the foolishness his name but you know what I’m sayin’), Kandi is engaged while Cynthia celebrates her anniversary whilst her husband expands his entrepreneurial pursuits.

The blossoms have died this season. Phaedra’s marriage with Apollo goes to a breakdown after the birth of their second child while Kandi’s mother suspects that her man is having a fling with her best friend. Now why do best friends do that? It reminds me of a Nollywood film addressing the same thing, how a friend (friend A) helped this her ‘best friend’ (friend B) that was dumped in a rented home by her husband; who later married someone else! Now this friend B was living her (friend A)  and husband, who eventually slept with her and gave birth to his child. The worst part was both of the children wanted to married each other and she (friend B) opposed it, until she had to confess after all of those years in a family meeting (which they do a lot in my Nigerian culture) that they’re half siblings and he’s the father. That’s shows how even the worst enemies are the closest to you than you might think.

Right back to the topic! Porsha tries to find out her own independence, with some ‘baggies’ on the way as Kordell (ayyy I remembered)  still wants to control her (man, brother you’re so dominant while can’t you let her go). New Normal gets push back meaning that Nene has to stay in Atlanta. While that’s happening Cynthia’s relationship with her husband reaches breaking point after his entrepreneurial pursuit of a new restaurant goes to closure. What’s even worse? Kenya is still pushing it, to the extent that it’s becomes full blows with the fellas (ahhh my fine choco-caramel lattes) as well as Nene at a gathering event.

PHOWAR! Don’t know if I spell the word correctly but there’s fire on the mountain. So is Kandi’s best friend really having a relationship with her finace? Would Phaedra break up with Apollo (who is fine by the way HOWEVER, I’m a respectable person so I’m not going to go there)? What did Porsha do to herself that landed her in hospital? Who is Kenya going out with now? What’s next for Cynthia and her husband? All the suspense will be revealed this season.

Boy oh boy, this is the hot-pepper-burnt-your-tongue-series yet (laughs).


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