Did He Or Is He? Justin Bieber Sleeping With A Brazillian Woman


That’s what I know, because in our modern age of contemporary language the words … or two words ‘sleeping with’ can mean two things:

a) either one had sex and then went to sleep with their ‘sexual other’ after that joyous night of guilty pleasure.

b) you just slept beside them nothing happened…okay, maybe in some cases a bit of fondling but no ‘bumping and grinding all night long’ occurred. At times most of us would just do a big slump dunk onto the bed.

I have a feeling that people are thinking a) but wait the brother still has his clothes on! Unless, they took just their bottoms and kept their tops on. Oh well, I’m not here to neither presume, assume nor judge. There are occasions whereby one is sleeping and their friends would do some foolishness around them like this lady blowing a kiss to the camera. Besides that Justin has always said that he’s attracted to older women…

Brother has grown to become one FINE-PIECE-OF -*beep*! Hope that one day he’ll have a fine girl that he can settle with because some women just want to sleep with him because he’s the three things the female human race look for in a man (that’s if these three are in your top five list) hot, famous and the ‘monaiesss’ (money).


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