The Dizzie Rascal Rant: Was There Any Need Though?



While I began this post with a mini chant, one has to wonder the need for Dizzie Ray Ray…okay, that didn’t sound right, Let me respectively give a bit of dignity to this artist…was there any need for Dizzie Rascal to go on Twitter and unleash his real ‘cussing’ to Radio 1, just because they didn’t feature his new song on the playlist? Yes, I’ve saw the tweets, and while some are DEEP, listeners, industry insiders and artists alike have caused twitter mayhem with their responses.

His few tweets of explicit rants has caused many to wonder whether he’s blown it. Blown it in the sense that it may  cause the station to either boycott the rapper from their shows and big events such as Radio 1 Big Weekender. To be honest, I don’t think he gives a figs; so that’s already two fingers up in their faces.

From a mainstream music media perspective, artists such as Azealia Banks, Dizzie Rascal and Dappy lack PROFESSIONALISM. Of course, I understand that all three of these artists are truly talented musically but their ‘beefs’, rants and explicit offensiveness has caused them to be shunned by many huge radio stations, publications and media…especially mainstream pop media. Hence why I say that one must never rant on the social media, especially Twitter. However, their rants are truthful at times because they give an insight as to how the music industry cares about the gains i.e. money, otherwise known by US rappers as ‘stack on stack on stack’. Homegrown talent to some folks is still not recognised enough, despite having BBC 1xtra station introduced. Notwithstanding, in the case of Dizzie Rascal, many are saying that it’s useless to start blasting a radio station who has supported him since his launch of album Boy In Da Corner.

In response to these rants, Radio 1 replied with this statement:

BBC Radio 1 has given Dizzie huge support over the last decade, and whilst not every song can make the cut, we have playlist three singles off his current album, so we were very disappointed and really surprised to read these comments.

Others think that this is a sly move from the rapper. Is he telling the truth? Should he just apologize? Whatever your thoughts, I feel that his rant has already made his name to be placed on the list of ‘controversial artists’.

KMT like he cares…


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