X Factor UK 2013: The Competition Has Just Got Real

Damn my butt man! X Factor this week really sucked. When I say sucked, I’m not referring to the Disco theme. Despite being born in the late 80s and brought up in the 90s, I’m also a bit of an oldie, because I love songs such as ‘Le Freak’, ‘Good Times’, ‘I wonder Why’, ‘Wish Upon A Star’ and so on. Plus, the Le Chic ladies are definitely aging gracefully. Good thing that Daft Punk ‘modernly-digitalized’ that genre.

Again, Sam Callahan is  through. Why am I always right about this brother’s hot physique enticing all of these girls to keep in him in? Despite the song choice causing Gary to cringe and Nicole to hint very boldly about his vocal vulnerability. He may be safe for now, but soon people will be voting on the voice…that’s the older generation that is. Still. I can see teenage girls calling his number thousand times whilst running their house home bills. Tut tut.

Tamera Foster

THIS IS TAMERA FOSTER’S TRADEMARK! Glad that her performance has been stripped back. If I thought that her performance in week 2 was good, this one was glamour. That girl is going to be an international superstar and will get an record deal in five minutes, irrespective of her status in the competition. So it’s no surprise that she was saved by the judges. Honestly though, she shouldn’t be in the bottom two. Nevertheless, Simon is going to sign her indeed…hmmhmm.

Sam Bailey

She was looking POW! Her power, presence…is there any song that this woman can’t sing?

Rough Copy

Now this is truly who Rough Copy are, ‘soulful-swaggadorns’ that know how to ‘swoo’ the ladies. They love to dance and entertain, whilst being smooth with a ‘Rough Copy’ twist. I believe (and many would agree) that they’ve been consistent. They already know who they are and what they’re about. Even though they know how to sway (like that move their done in their performance), they’re true gentlemen that have kept their eyes on the prize. Besides, while many pop boy groups are easily viewed by the the public as replicates of One Direction or The Wanted, Rough Copy are different; kind of like a street-Boyz-II-Men-Next-JLS-group, who know how to take any song and use it for their advantage. One thing’s for sure, they can really put on a show.

Hannah Barrett

She’s back! On fire and in it to win it. Her lovely smile and cheeky laugh really warms our hearts. She’s going to be in the final I’m sure…unless another shocker happens (like this week) occurs again. A twitter user stated as to how they might make her more like Alexander Burke, which I’m praying shouldn’t happen. Also, many of the viewers have stated their scare of how she’s being transformed into an ‘oldie’. Whatever your opinion, I’ve suggested in my previous post that she needs to take modern songs and make them ‘Hannah’s’, but since it’s Disco week, what can you do? All of the songs are hit classics. Although, if we’re talking about song choice, I’d preferred her to sing ‘Young Heart Run Free.’

Nicholas McDonald

I’m not going to bother about the choreography anymore so I’m turning a blind eye to it…imagining the live stage with just Nicholas.

Anyhoo, bless the Scottish sweetie for doing a bit of dancing. Many would say that is performance this week was okay, but not great.

Luke Friend

DARK HORSE ALERT! DARK HORSE ALERT! Ne nor, ne nor (laughs).

The lad is a new contender. Despite having no clue about disco music, his performance looked like that he’s been doing it for years. Excellent song choice, as song choices create the determination about the votes and the judges critique. Apart from those smashing gold Dr Marten boots, Luke worked it. Go Luke, play the funky music!

Abi Alton

She’s a true risk-taker. Sister has brought back that quirkiness that elevated her from the audition room to the live show.

Kingsland Road

They shouldn’t have been in the bottom two. I know that most of us are going to miss them on  the show. Guess they got their pressure and nerves in the way after being in the bottom two once before.

I already knew that they were going to get given the exit. I mean after Tamera’s performance, who could beat that? Plus, she didn’t forget the words this! time.

In week four, NONE’s safe. People will have their own crazy opinion about what having the X Factor is? Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that the pressure to become Syco’s new superstar protege is on.


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