Films 2014: X-MEN Go Deep Into Their Past to Change The Future

All of your favourite X-Men characters return a race against time to save the human race.

Divided into two life-time periods (the past and the future duh), the X-Men  join forces with X-Men: First Class (in other words, their younger selves) in order to alternate events from their past that will have an impact on the future. Your favourite actors Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Nicholas Hoult return in (many would say) their controversial adventure yet, as they look into the mirror of their younger selves (have no clue how that is going to work but yeah).

X-Men: Days Of Future Past will have it’s UK release on May 23. International release dates can be checked here.


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