X Factor UK 2013: The Tricks, The Treats And Surprises

Gosh! The public are so cruel. It was a treat for some people, giving Miss Dynamix the X – exit. Guess many of you think that they should have followed the same behaviour Lucy Spraggan did –just withdraw from the competition if feeling unwell.

Oh well, at least their sing-off was better than their performance. I think they done well coming together as a group despite being solo-artists. Will they continue on pursuing their dream as a group? We just have to wait and see.

The tricker here was seeing Hannah in the bottom two and Sam Callahan getting through. I was like WAT THE FOOLISHNESS (WTF)!? I thought Sam took two steps back with his vocals this week. I believe it wasn’t right to pick this song choice if his vocals got exposed like that. Plus, he got really slaughtered with the judges comments this week. Therefore I felt that he would be in the bottom. I’m assuming that his looks is taking him places. He may not have the greatest voice in the competition but with that torso and nice arms of his, you’ll be just smitten to put him through, which is what I think occurred (hey, he was torso of the week in heat magazine).

Abi Alton

Now Abi Alton gave us a treat to her old self. This performance is her trademark. She’s gone back to the girl that we all loved at the Arena edition. So I don’t know what Sharon was saying about ‘putting the kettle on’ when she’s singing. Pragmatically, many would say that Sharon is trying to say that she’s boring. Compared to last week this, one was way better. Ahhhh, the pure ‘lush’ in her voice. Besides Abi, you don’t need to cry! If the public loves you and placed you through to next week, then you’re definitely doing something right that is making us to love your ‘quirkyness’; and please don’t change. Be true to your self <3.

Sam Bailey

I’ll say it again (with my made-up word) PURE LUSH. The fact that she gave a ‘squeaky clean’ to a popular Celine Dion song (that is always karaoked) goes to show why she’s the only ‘Over’ in the competition. She definitely KILLED that song…and when I say ‘killed’, I do not mean it in a bad way.

Tamera Foster

Tamera Foster’s performance would/will have divided the public. She needs to be cautious with those high pitches. ‘Listen’ by Beyonce is NOT AN EASY SONG. Besides, I don’t know why they’re making her like the super songstress. Tamera should just be Tamera and develop her own trademark. So please, stop making this 17 year old something that has already being conquered. I can let the Beyonc-resque hair go but let her develop her signature individuality; both in music and image.

Luke Friend

THAT’s WHAT I’m talking about. The brother knew his personal vocal strengths and selected his own song without the help of Louis. The song was perfect. He made the popular Seal song look like vintage.  In addition to the amazing song choice, he should stick with playing his guitar because that is his TRADEMARK. Like Nicole said, he looks very comfortable with it.

Rough Copy

THEIR PERFORMANCE WAS BEAUTIFUL Man. These boys are in it to win it. Now with Miss Dynamix out, it’s all going to be about them and the Kingsland Road fellas ladies (that’s a nice treat indeed) ;).

Nicholas MacDonald

ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH! This is the third week that I’m seeing choreography. When is Louis going to realise that the Scottish ‘swaggadorn’ sweetie doesn’t need it? Anyhoo, let me get back to better things; the brother grew up with his performance! Check him out with his ‘suit and tie’. Guess he’s really took the Michael Buble comment on board. I’m wondering whether there’s any chance that the lad could meet the singer (hinting with my eyebrows).

Apart from this, Gary has spoken my mind (again) about Nicholas being too serious with his song choices. I too have highlighted about Louis making the contestant too old for his age. Whilst many agree with the comment, others will question whether this is Gary’s way for him to pick a fun-loving song that would put him out of the competition…you know how the public exaggeratedly interpret people’s statements nowadays (especially celebrities). However, if he was let’s say, do a fun loving song, I see him doing songs from the likes of Olly Murs or Bruno Mars of some sort…either way, he now needs to learn how to show his fun-loving self without exposing the vulnerability of his vocals. Although, Gary’s comment would’ve been a trick or treat for some folks.

Kingsland Road

Their harmonies plus Matt leading vocals equals great performance; in terms of vocals. Their performance choreography-wise…welllllllll…you could say that they were some cheesy parts. On the bright side, at least they came back fighting after being in the bottom two last week. I really just want to hear them without all the moving about. Don’t think they’re much of a choreography band, I would rather see them show their musical passion with a strip back performance. The public knows that they can do these up-beat songs, now we want to see them in a more heart-melting limelight (I’m saying this statement on behalf of the ladies).

Hannah Barrett

I’m sorry, but this soul-sister-from-another-mister represents strength and she shouldn’t have been in the bottom two. Glad she’s in. The public has fallen in love with her and the fact that she cried at the end of her sing-off performance shows a) her strive to get to where she is and b) that’s she’s human just like the rest of us (as many contestants that go on these reality entertainment shows become beheaded and start popping-bottles like superstars; either though, they’re still far from that record deal).

This is the first week that X Factor has pulled out it’s first stunt of shockers from it’s cheeky black hat. I’m sure that this won’t be the last. as the show will have a few more tricks up it’s sleeve. See, didn’t I say that X Factor can surprise you?


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