Music Monday: Cynikal – The Artist Lyricist With Poetic Intellect

I feel that I’m being a bit deluded to think that intellectually-crafted-lyrics still exist today.

I understand for you younger folks, you were brought up with Young Money, A$AP Rocky, Big Sean, Drake…that’s cool. However, for the older generation born in the late 80s and grew up in the 90s/00s, we feel that you young cats don’t know the real significance of rap until you listen to the likes of Tupac, Talebi Kweli, Nas, Twista…and to flip it Kendrick Lamar to some extent. There are some rappers that have wash-down their rap flow like and Kanye West in order to appeal to a international audience (I prefer them when they’re first fresh in the game). Whilst my statements would be a cause of discussion, one thing is clear — music has evolved and so has rapping to a more easier flow (which sucks). If you want someone that raps to intellectually challenge your mind, then I suggest you check out Cynikal.

He’s one of the most humble, down-to-earth person that I’ve met. I do understand that if you know how to spit crafted-selected-spontaneous-words to defeat your opponent that it’ll make you proud, but talking to him just makes me realise how much I miss rappers that just do it for the love, with money being secondary. You know, just be known for your intelligence (rap-wise) to educate and demonstrate the human vulnerability, rather than how much stack, girls, and cars you have (#I got my bills in the escalate because I’m to  trying  get stack on stack on stack today# I tried ).

If you haven’t heard of him well, you’ve come to the right place to know more about his works. He’s performed at countless gigs and festivals including Roundhouse Rising and has been highly praised on, SBTV, BBC Radio 1, Asian Network and 1xtra. In case for those finding about him for the first time, he has a host of re-edits, like  these favourites of mine:

Losing My Balance 

Won’t Let You Down – ft. Cynthia Erivo

Take Off

Beautiful ft Kaleem Taylor


Please Don’t Wait

Exhibit A (Transformations)

Cynikally, produced material

Hometown Glory ft Seyi

What I’m happy about is that the brother has grown to produce his perfectly-crafted new EP ‘Toby’. The second mixtape that progresses from his EP ‘Breakfast’, which was just a taster of what the artist is about (more than beans on toast I can assure you).  So if you think his first EP was the best, then you haven ‘t seen nothing yet. Kendrick Lamar may have poetic-license, but it’s Cynikal that has the poetic-intellect. A multi-talented rapper, songwriter and producer that knows how to create a lyrical masterpiece.

Don’t get my choice of words? Then watch this visual that explains my statement in a thousand words.

That booth rap was like…AHHHHHHH MAN (in a Kevin Hodge voice).

Cynikal ‘bruv’, you’re on your way.


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