The Pop Life Cycle In Pop Groups

Little Mix caused a stir with for next album ‘Salute’. Apart from teasing their international Mixers a new album cover, the sisters also gave an insight of what to expect hinting a sense of maturity.

With this in my mind. I begin to wonder whether there’s a sense of music maturity that pop groups go through, whilst tackling the relevancy of the their music being relevant in an evolving industry.

Some people would say that this maturity transcends into pop groups fashion image. Either way, it has been existent. Let me take you to back in my day the 90s i.e. the best decade ever to be a kid. Remember when Take That arrived with their young selves (with Gary Barlow having bleached blonde hair). Their early image reflected the 90s house-party-ravers.

The young generation now would think that their hairstyles are ‘gay’.

Once their stardom progressed, their image of scantily upper bodies began to diminished: turning into mature into the men that would love to take to our parents in ‘Back For Good’.


Stateside, we can remember N*Sync (Justin Timberlake’s group) when they first came out with ‘Tearing Up My Heart’ (ahh Justin Timberlake with his blonde bob).

They’ve became more mature by the time of ‘Girlfriend’, which by the way, was an inspiration to Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’ (the copycat cheek)

Taking it into the Noughties, we have Blue; ‘repping’ their street cred with their fashion sense. (I used to like Duncan, still thinks he’s attractive despite swinging both ways).

When they released their video ‘One Love’ they upgraded their fashion sense, swag and singing (well on Lee’s part, because can sannnnng).

Plus, who can forget JLS & The Saturdays. Truthfully, both groups that this colour coordination, especially the Saturdays.

 At some point the colours changed to wine, red, orange, blue and purple. Anyways, the sisters have come so far with their tracks as well as their songs with their album covers changing to show their maturity into womenhood.

…even though, their single covers still love to play with their colours.

JLS on the other hand went from the guys that had their favourite coloured hoodies (the red, blue, green and yellow was an increasing win) to becoming four men before our eyes. Once they got off from the show, the fellas represented a sleek style that was the new trademark for boybands to come in the next decade.

Their last single, just shows how far they’ve come and matured. Especially in their style. Couldn’t forget how guys considered the brothers ‘gay’ with those low V-necks tops (which was a trend at one point).

It’s almost like pop groups are like new life, from childhood dressing up and being playful in order to appeal to your audience to an adult who understands what he/she about. I guess it’s been established whereby as you progress as a group, album covers and singles must reflect this with your established fanbase. Guess that’s why it’s best to begin with a catchy song  like ‘Beat Again’, ‘Up’, ‘All Rise’ or ‘C’est La Vie’ by B*Witched…maybe that explains for early pop-band songs being all about puppy love and heartbreaks that included easy-catchy dance moves. The biggest challenge however, is to continually keep staying relevant to their fans and the music of that decade, which is not easy. At the end of the day want to avoid negative statements like ‘oh, I like them better when they were…’

Unfortunately, just like that newborn pop baby, pop groups also die, with no need to be resurrected according to many. 2013 saw the reunion of pop groups such as Liberty X, Blue, Atomic Kitten, Five and 911. Don’t get me wrong, some of these fans reunions were good e.g. Blue but its was a cringing moment seeing the 911 boys trying to do the break dancing moves that once made them famous in the early 90s.

Despite the growth within a pop band, it doesn’t stop the huge string of No 1. hits and albums if they began with an attention-seeking image and catchy tunes like the Spice Girls, JLS and Take That for example. I think what’s apparent now isn’t the bright playful colours, but instead, more of each member in the group developing their individuality and each member’s cooperation and collaboration with each other as well as the record labels in the group’s maturity for as long as they can…but still, a pop group must have a trademark that will allow them to stand out from other rivals.


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