Rihanna’s Final Collection & River Island’s Next Potential Celebrity Candidates

Rihanna has definitely placed River Island on the international map. I believe we could say that now River Island is as good as Topshop; just with a more individualistic edgy twist. It’s argue for River Island lovers to say that you would find more edgier, flamboyant pieces at River Island than in Topshop. Now that Riri is saying farewell with her partnership with the high-end street retailer, one could possibly imagine what the next move would be for the brand.

Image: http://www.vogue.co.uk

Image: Dailymail.co.uk

Image: Dailymail.co.uk

One suggestion could be to continue these celebrity partnerships. Celebrities are fashion icons; especially the ones with an ‘international superstar’ reputation like Rihanna’s. Therefore, many would say that River Island should continue down this route. So the question is, which celebrity star could they possibly collaborate with next?

Before I begin with my potential candidates, I must highlight that THERE’S NOTHING CONFIRMED ABOUT IT. I’m just being interesting and clever with my posts. The suggested celebrities that I’ve chosen are known internationally and have a huge global following. The ones that will not qualify are Beyonce because she already has her own range House Of Dereon and works with her mother to create designs. I think the public could purchase House of Dereon clothing at Selfridges. M.I.A has already done a collection with Versace so she can’t qualify for this…it has to be celebrities that have NEVER partnered with any fashion brand before.

Anyhooo, here are my top three. Please read on…

Iggy Azelea

Her pret-a-porter-individualistic-street-chic look is very appealing. The rapper is already having a huge international following and she only came out this year! Truly, this the beginning of her success lap. Plus, she’s a model with that voluptuous body of hers. Besides, we would rather admire her envious flamboyant wardrobe. Like a friend of mine said, she has a style that is kind of Victoria Beckham if not better. Sister knows how to dress up, dress down and dress ‘swag’.

Image mobo.com

Image: respect-mag.com

image: http://www.aceshowbiz.com

Jessie J

The songstress is a true inspiration. Despite this her fashion style could a bring a different audience to the brand. Even though she has calm down, she still hasn’t stopped her love for prints, short tops, slit skirts, high-waisted pants and heels to show off  her expensive array of ‘bling’ accessories. Guess Miss JJ likes to tease with a hint of flesh exposed.

Image: fashionbombdaily.com

image: digital spy.co.uk

Katy Perry

We all love her playful array of clothing. Maybe she can bring that playfulness to River Island. Her style has a 50s inspiration — with a theatrical mix. You can tell that she’s a lover of bright colours. By the way she incorporates all three has left many to wonder. Guess you can (when off-stage) dress in a way that makes one stand out in a sleek way.

Image hannahjones13.buzznet.com

Image: http://www.becauseiamfabolous.com

Image: huffingtonpost.com

I feel for now, these are I believe the main three…but as always, anything could happen. We just have to vigilant of River Island’s next move after this big highlight. In case you’re wondering, Rihanna’s final collection will be available for purchase on November 7th (mark the date) so be the first to buy before it’s a sell out!


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