Only The Resilient Will Survive

The last time that I wrote about searching for an internship was in the Summer. Now looking back, I’m still in the same position.

I wanted to apply for the Celebrity Executive position at Children in Need, but I felt I wasn’t up to par with the job specification. With the tough economic climate, many companies are demanding more skills from candidates. Take social media for example, organisations are acquiring for candidates to have experience in SEO, blogging Google analytics etc. Due to the fact that I’m quite short of skills, I’ve decided to apply for a Social Media Internship  at Search Strategy via Student Jobs. Finally, I’ve sorted out my Internwise account. I’ve uploaded a new, fresh,  clean CV and have applied for a few internships in Polygon Media, Crowd & I and Big Machine Media.

To be honest, I had to email a range of Celebrity PR companies inquiring about their internships. I really want the VIP Relations & Events at NOVA, but I still seem to not get a reply. Oh well, guess I’ll try again.

In regards to social media, I plan to use the initiative to develop my blog. It’ll be a gradual process but I know that I’ll get there. Other things on my to-do list are getting another part-time job for Christmas whilst working at Forever 21.

In a way, I had to change my game plan. I now apply for internships/jobs that would be beneficial to my person development, these also include paid ones. I recently had a interview at Nokia’s HQ for a Mobile Phones Communications Trainee…don’t know if I got it because I screw up on one question (doh). However, despite the bloop, I was fully informed and prepared for the competency based assessment. Also, Oxfam are recruiting a Public Relations and Artist Liaison Intern. The good news — this was what I was looking for in terms of being an Artist Liaison Intern at Cancer Research UK or an Celebrity Executive at BBC’s Children In Need. The bad news — well, it’s in Oxford. My decision: take the risk and apply for it. In the meantime, I plan to save as much as I can from work.

There are no excuses for me to stop pursuing my career. I have a Plan A, B & C because at this stage, only the resilient will survive.


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