Films 2014: Frat Zac Efron & Seth Rogen Become Annoying ‘Neighbors’

Forget Zac Efron as the lovebird (that we all want on our bedside) in Hairspray and The One. Just imagine him as a ‘frat’-gone-cray-cray who begins to get on Seth Rogen’s nerves in Neighbors.

Looks like Zac Efron’s ‘fratty’ role really shows the young couple (Seth Rogen & Rose Bryne) how hip, popular, cool and dare I say it HOTT-WITH-THE-FINESS he is, while they got struck with having a baby, meaning that they lost their swag-youth-mojo. The young couple suffer from arrested development. So, in order to deal with it (as well as having a newborn), they were forced to live next to a fratenity maniac.

Directing is Nick Stoller, who is known for films such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek.

Find out about their annoying relationship next year Summer on May 9th (US release date)

Oh and by the way, in case of you UK readers are wondering wondering why there isn’t a ‘u’ in neighbours, it’s because it’s American English. So the change in spelling is in courtesy of how the movie title has been presented on all online media.


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