Films 2013: UK Young Talent Is On The Rise In ‘It’s A Lot’ Trailer

After the success of Kidulthood, Adulthood and comedy Anuvahood (which i still need to get on DVD or watch online), the interest of British film among young talent has created (to some extent) publicity; both nationally and internationally. I guess nowadays it’s all about a good low-budget that allows you to get the equipment you’d need; which includes an Apple laptop, Final Cut Pro and some good Canon Cameras with 1080p (or higher) HD quality.

So if you know Femi Oyeniran (hey ekabo ooo), then check him out in his latest directional debut in It’s A Lot.

Joining him are Roxanne Pallett, Miss London, Eddie Kadi, Radio 1’s Satah-Jane Crawford, KoJo and Jazzie Zonzolo just to name a few.

People, can we please take this time and recognise a possible market of a young British cinema that embraces the diversity of UK (especially in London) as well as the ridiculous antics young people get up to done in such a way that you’ll also laugh to death (well, lot literally die but that LMAO).

Catch the film in UK cinemas from Oct 25.


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