X Factor UK 2013: Second Edition

I wish Miss Dynamix, the best of luck next week and hope that Sese Foster is doing well. However, they have a lot of catching up to do as the pressure of the competition. So make this lucky event count and show us what we’ve missed ladies!

With the girls not performing, it meant more pressure to the remaining contestants.

Hannah Barrett

Love how she was open about her insecurities in regards to appearance. In a world where being ‘lighter’ and ‘thinner’ is considered better, I can surely understand how low-self esteem of being more of darker complexion and voluptuous can take its toll. Nevertheless, her triumph of overcoming her personal and mental struggles is what makes her to sing her life out. Girl, you’re beautiful in every single way; fearfully and wonderfully made. Besides, isn’t an average size woman in the country a 14-16?

The way she made her soulful-powerful voice to such a modern song was an inspiration. THAT was what I meant last week with my previous post and look, she got through! Keep it up girl.

Luke Friend

I like Louis’ wit about his protege ‘sailing through to next week’. Irrespective of the fact that I didn’t see the point of the boats…

Sam Bailey

Her performance was great too. The fact that she has a tenderness in her voice shows that she can do those intimate love songs and not only power ballads. Don’t know what Nicole Scherzinger got the idea of ‘lukewarm’ from. I guess she wanted her to do those long-power notes or something.

Kingsland Road

These five lads are definitely becoming a hit with big artists like Ellie Goulding. So I didn’t understand why they were in the bottom two. I feel that Matt needs to build on his confidence because he seems nervous. ‘Bruv’, you got this and also have 4 great friends behind you.

Again, great with the harmonies and as Sharon has pointed out, they really understand each other’s vocal strengths. Their connection is strong. I can guarantee that after that performance, they have won every girl’s heart. ❤

Sam McDonald

THERE’S NO NEED FOR THE CHOREOGRAPHY LOUIS.  It’s just useless! So thanks Gary for speaking something that I’ve ALREADY SAID in my previous post (laughs). Anyhoo, performance wise, he made every girl’s heart melt. Ooh, the lush with that puppy face of his. He is a kind of a young Michael Buble isn’t it?

Abi Alton

I prefer the acoustic beginning of her performance; but I admire her willingness to take risks and do something different. However, I believe that if playing instruments is her trademark then so be it. At some point in the show, every contestant has to show a sense of versatility. Nevertheless, I guess her without an instrument was kind of a trial and error again. So Abi, are you going to play your guitar next week?

Tamera Foster

Has Louis been reading my blog or something? I’m getting suspicious because I said the same thing about Tamera having ‘Rihanna, Whitney Houston & Leona Lewis voices smashed up together’ in my previous post! (laugh) Now, this performance was way much better. Her high notes was smoother than last week. To be honest, Tamera is already signed, sealed and sold. Even if she’s eliminated towards the finals (as always X Factor can surprise you), I can guarantee that she will get a record deal instantly and become an international superstar. A young 17 year old, with attractive physical features and a Rihanna-Whitney-Leona voice? Now that’s HOT.

Rough Copy

These brothers are in it to win it. Nicole said that they ‘took a Backstreet Boys’ song and made it a Boyz II Men’ song just shows their drive, commitment and versatility.Just like Sharon said ‘they took a popular song and ‘rough copied it’ (now why didn’t I think of that).

I’m now intrigued to hear them without the choreography (or the moving around). Despite many unsure about the asymmetric pleated skirt, their individualism in their fashion is on point.

Sam Callahan

ROAR! He’s got the eyes of the tiger…and his hardwork on his vocals paid off with his performance.

Shelley Smith

Not nice to be eliminated, especially when it was your birthday. Her sing-off was messed up this week against Kingsland Road. Plus, she shouldn’t have picked that Beyonce song. It’s hard for someone to make a tough song like ‘Single Ladies’ their own. If she picked another song like, for example, ‘Me, Myself & I’ by Queen B then I guess maybe, with the switch-up-re-edit of the track she would have stayed.

Lorna Simpson was rumoured to have made a comment about X Factor being fixed; stating that they have already chosen a winner. If that be the case then I guess X Factor has to stop at 10…that’s this reports is true that is…as you can’t believe what the media says at times.

For now, the competition resumes again next week with a different theme and another act given the chop of the X-exit.


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