Farewell Finn: Cory Monteith Is Celebrated, Laid to Rest But Still Remembered

Tonight is the night Gleek fans in the UK (and the rest of the world); the Finn (Cory Monteith) dedication episode airs tonight on Sky1. Whilst many of us would have cried a river about the loss of such a great being, others will still tune in to watch the episode.

Without such a great character, Glee wouldn’t be the same. So it’s understandable that Glee is going to OFFICIALLY end next year. According to reports, it was originally planned that the whole show would end focusing on the relationship between Rachel & Finn. With the current event occurring, both Fox, Glee’s producers and writers have come to a middle ground to create a storyline that is somewhat satisfactory.

Personally, the idea of Glee was such a great concept. Taking ‘ol’ skool’ classics, modern hits and making them all brand new again. I remember it came out after the backdrop of Disney’s High School Musical trilogy (those were the days). In a world where reality television is becoming such a norm (no offense some of the shows are good), it’s good to know that there is still original television out there. Plus, it’s has made the world aware of the the glory, falls and persecutions of show-choirs that exists in American High Schools — and desire of youth in other nations to establish one.

So wherever you are Gleeks; get your handkerchiefs and packets of tissues ready at 8pm tonight…because this is going to be one emotional episode.

Image: eonline.com

His spirit will continue to live on in the show;  as the producers will continue to reflect on the character in future story lines until show closes its doors.

However, to many of you, it’s a farewell to Cory Monteith…as his presence will be surely missed.




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