Iggy Azalea vs Azealia Banks vs Nicki Minaj: Who’s The Best?

Iggy Azalea has already been dubbed as the next global-rap-heavyweight beside the likes of Nicki Minaj and controversial-in-your-face Azealia Banks. With her tracks ‘Work’ and ‘Bounce’ being mega hits on both sides of the Atlantic as well as being nominated for the VMAs, the Australian beauty couldn’t go wrong with increasing admirers of her voluptuous figure and her pret-a-porter-flamboyant-street-chic fashion sense.

Well…as always, the whole debate about ‘white’ folks rapping has sprung up (again) as well as the race that created Hip Hop (black people). Okay, since Eminem broke the mold (and Vanilla Ice but mostly Eminem), both the rap and music game have accepted him and other white male MCs (e.g. Macklemore & Mac Miller). Brother knew how to spit his thoughts about pop artists in such a comic way that he was both liked and hated for it. However, this time, it’s a ‘white girl’ rapping. Now that’s different isn’t it? The Hip Hop game hasn’t seen any white female pursuing rap before. Even though, we do see them in the underground scene, but not on the case for stardom material (I can’t even name one). Therefore, salute to Iggy for being the new trailblazer for ‘white female rappers’.

I’ve been noticing a lot of negative comments about the missus on Youtube. Many see her as the white version of  ‘Nicki’, in the looks — with the difference in naturalism.

Image: http://www.urbansplatter.com

Others, see her (Iggy Azalea) as another ‘black wannabe’ who always uses black females in the background of her videos just to demonstrate her dedication to the streets  (just see the music videos for yourself)…looks like black females keep getting degraded in Western society. Don’t know why but er…

In comparison to Azealia Banks aka the black Rupunzel, many would opininate that Iggy’s spit would be terminated in an instant. Although I wasn’t pleased as to how someone compared Azealia to ‘burnt toast’. Plus, sister needs to calm down with these beefs. Yes, I know about the one she had with the artist and her mentor T.I…

Image: http://www.thatgrapejuice.net

Many believe that all of three artists had to, in some way ‘dumb down’ their lyrics (especially their hit singles) so that it could be easier for the public to catch on their songs. I’ve seen those videos of Nicki Minaj rapping prior to her fame as well as Iggy’s first two videos that she released (no not the Pu$$y, one), where she even made a controversial statement as to how the executives at a record label told her to dumb down her rap flow. Plus, who can forget Azealia’s ‘2-1-2’ track.

On the other hand, there’s a ‘majority-minority’ that would state that Azealia Banks is the only one that hasn’t. Nevertheless, I guess the change and slow pace of rap flow can reflect the current change of music. Urban music is becoming more euphoric internationally. It may be still Hip Hop-to-the-core respectively in the US but it’s becoming more dance-pop with some Hip Hop beats in the background, fusing dance influences from the 90s. So, with the change in music and producers beginning to experiment more with sounds, how do we rate one’s rapping ability?

I even hear that in the US, Azealia wasn’t even considered a Hip Hop artists in the first place! Due to the fact that she already had her own trademark sound and image. So yes, you could say that Iggy and Nicki have been manufactured in a way that would be appealing to the international market; even though they started with core Hip Hop inspirations. So it’s funny how she (Azealia) hasn’t got any mega hits like number ones or something…

Oh well, how you rate who’s ‘heavy’ it’s up to you but I believe it’s between Iggy and Azealia. Nicki in the ‘pop world’ has dumbed down her lyrics BUT if she done a track (and already has) with the likes of Chris Brown, Nelly, the Young Money family or any urban artist, I’m sure the real ‘hood’ Nicki Minaj would return.

By the way Iggy’s going, I have a slight feeling that she’ll become more ‘Hip pop’; becoming a rival against Nicki. It’s a strong statement to make since it’s still Iggy’s early days in the business. On the bright side, at least all three femcees have three things in common: FASHION. FLOW and SWAG.


3 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea vs Azealia Banks vs Nicki Minaj: Who’s The Best?

  1. Iggy >>>>>>> the rest.

  2. Azealia Banks!!!!!!! Is going to be a legend …mark my words

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