X Factor UK 2013: First Thoughts On Live Performances

Yo! That time of year is back again; yes, The X Factor…and it’s celebrating it’s 10th series. Nice…

Although, I must admit, it’s become debatable as to whether reality television is now the way forward and the only way to get famous than to — what’s the word?… Ah yes, ‘hustle’ i.e. Perform on the streets, gigs; go to the record labels, audition for a record deal with produced material etc. Afterall, reality entertainment competition, with the help of social media has made it powerful…

…but then again, you still have these amazing artists who are producing covers and placing them on Youtube…that’s what Justin Bieber done and now look at him, another Michael Jackson with all of his Belibers…

Anyways, I know I’m doing it again (going off the subject of this post), so I’m going to give my personal opinionated-no-favourites-feedback on the contestants’ first LIVE performance. Please click to read on…

Rough Copy

Ah! I remember these guys! I had the chance to see them live at I LUV LIVE in Hoxton. They auditioned last year but never made it through. So glad that they’re resilient and worked harder to create their own image, branding and swag. Plus, since JLS are going their separate ways at the end of this year (it’s going to be a tearful moment), isn’t it time we have new choco-latte-lattes in the mix? I’d let you a think about that. In the meantime did you see how they harmonized at the end of that song?

Hannah Barrett

I feel like that’s she two different people. On stage; she gives it her all. Off-stage she’s this emotional creature that is soft hearted and a fighter. In terms of her live performance? It was safe; but hey, it’s still early days.  If she sang the same way as she did at the Bootcamp auditions and showcase her voice like ‘that’ with modern day tracks (like she did at her audition) then she will be a contender to beat. There’s too much auto-tunes with these singers nowadays that we kind of forgotten what true singing sounds and feels like. Oh look, I’m ready placing her alongside the likes of Adele…bless lil’ ol’ me!

Sam Bailey

What can I say? Sister is a G. As long as she adapts her voice to different music themes as the show progresses then yeah, she may be in the quarter-finals if not, semis. You never know about X Factor, as there’s always shocking surprises.

Kingsland Road

Their signature look makes them different from the pop-boy image. One Direction have got their name over that look. I feel that they should use their individualistic-fashion-sense for their advantage.  Just like in these previous videos of their other covers. I SERIOUSLY recommend their re-edit of Little Mix’s ‘How Ya Doin’ if anything fails –that’s if no legal copyright is involved.

Looks like Rough Copy better watch their backs…but then again, if both groups release an album I would surely purchase both. Both groups are surely showing the amazing looks of men’s fashion.

RESPEC’ on the harmonies on their live performance.

Tamara Foster

First of all, that brunette hair really suits her!  Secondly, I believe sister has potential. She has Rihanna, Leona Lewis and Whitney Houston’s voices smashed up together…(others would think otherwise) but she’s need to work on smoothing her vocals when doing some choreography. i don’t want people saying some nasty things now.  Damn you trollz!

Abi Alton

She and Gabrielle Climi have such amazing unique voices. So fragile, childlike, vulnerable…the lush. Her quirkiness defines her and I’m intrigued to find out how she sounds if she done a Bjork track or something. Don’t know about her live performance with that famous song but I can’t wait to see what instruments she can play (just wondering if she can play any more).

Miss Dynamix

Gary Barlow still needs to work with this group. Looking at their performance at the judges’ houses (Pure Shores by All Saints), I prefer that one compared to their live performance. You can hear the harmonies despite them coming to the audition as solo artists.

Once they’ve sorted out their trademark and vocal strengths then they’re unstoppable but for now, more work is to be done as the competition begins to gets harder after about…let’s say Halloween Week (please note that I don’t celebrate evil). Other than that, I’m loving the girls; as they are so likable. They have unique voices and that’s what makes them dynamic (hence the street mix to their group name).

Lorna Simpson

SISTER CAN SANG. That’s why I’m so disappointed as to why Sharon gave her a song that landed her out of the competition. Life can be so unfair but I guess that the song choice was trial and error. Maybe less movement and walking across the stage back and forth is best for her because that’s when she can show her ‘sangang’

Luke Friend

Louis needs to be careful which songs he chooses for this lad. He’s young so please, don’t try making him old! Let him have his guitar too. Personally, I feel he should have a chance to select his own songs. Dark horse in the competition with that sweet-baby-face of his. Imagine what he would make of Kings of Leon famous ‘Sex on Fire’ track. Would be too strong for his vocal capability? Would he sing it with his guitar?…What are your thoughts people?

Sam Callahan

Personally,  the song didn’t do him any justice…but who cares?! Brother is one good-looking lad ( I’m basically saying that he’s FINE). Look at those biceps; but still, Louis needs to be careful about these song choices as looks don’t last long in the competition…maybe afterwards. If only Sam new how many girls want him as their dream boyfriend.

Nicholas McDonald

Despite the dancers being a bit of a distraction (didn’t even see the point of them really), I think this was a really good song choice for the lad. However, as I’ve stated previously about Luke Friend. Louis needs to be selective with these song choices in accordance to each lad’s strong vocal points. In the case of Nicholas it’s breathless, gentle and gorgeous. Watching his arena audition of A Thousand Years almost made me want to cry. If his voice has that ability then it should be used as an advantage. Take risks on him with song choices but not too much.

Shelley Smith

Hmmmm, I can see why they save her, she was smooth with this elimination performance. Guess people would say that Lorna was shaky with her nerves as they got in their way. So do you think folks that Lorna should have stayed while Shelley goes?

Those are my thoughts. Later on, I’ll just focus on my favourites. Everyone is beginning to have their favourite acts now, so I’ll be focusing on them.


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