Paigey Cakey Brushes The ‘Haters’ Off Her Shoulders #SAMEWAY

She may have a sweet ‘safe’ face but her flow will certainly brush you off the #sameway if you try and walk over the petite ‘swag’ princess. Ladies and gentlemen, hoodlums and hoodrats ‘repping the streets’ (whilst still intelligent in the brain). I give you Paigey Cakey.

Paigey Cakey – cool name ‘innit’? Sister has already performed at Radio 1’s Big Weekend and has appeared on BBC’s Waterloo Road, Attack of the Block as well as The Knot. So her resume (in my mind) looks ‘prit-ty prit-ty’ glamourous. Adding to her acting is her ability to sing and rap.

Honestly, she has been in the underground game for a while. Anyone reminisce on her ‘beef’ i.e feud with Lady Leshurr…?

Paigey Cakey – Go Hard

Clixx ft Paigey Cakey – Sho Stunna

Even if you did, regardless of the circumstances, both ladies rock in their own way. Besides, it’s all love ‘innit’ (well not all the time but 90% of it)? Nevertheless, Paigey has hit into the music scene ‘big girl’ style, drifting away from her school girl ‘curls’ that we all knew from Waterloo. Joining the crew of Sincere, Chipmunk, PW and Wretch -basically, the grime elites and icons of British music…respec’.

Her EP ‘The Next Paige’ is out in November. Therefore, a message to all of those ‘haterz’ of the missus just in case you didn’t hear me the first time…she’ll brush you off the #sameway you came with your trollish ways.


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