M.I.A & Versace’s Versus – An A+++ Fashion Collaboration

In our time, we’ve seen many celebrities working with popular fashion brands. Before I begin, let’s remind ourselves of who we’ve seen design our wardrobes.

  • First and foremost Rihanna (no brainer here) for River Island
  • The Kardashians’ Kollection partnership with Dorothy Perkins and now Lipsy
  • Little Mix did something with Primark a while back
  • Kate Moss with Topshop

These are just a few that have just come to my mind. The only problem is that none hasn’t tried to up their A+++ celebrity status by working with designer labels. You know, those pret-a-porter, luxury types…well, let’s just stick with the pret-a-porter.

The only celebrity that has is M.I.A.

Remember her? She had a different sound and vibe when she first started in the UK. I used to see two of her first array of videos.



Since then, she has worked with the biggest names…at this point I’m going to ramble who she’s worked with:  Jay-Z, Madonna…gave Afrobeat/grime MC Afrikan Boy stage presence after he (Afrikan Boy) was supporting her on her tour…plus she’s been nominated for Grammys, Academy and Mercury Prize gongs too.

So hearing upon her collaboration with one of the most…no, let me rephrase THE MOST flamboyant designer has just made all of the famous celebrity collabs with these high-street brands look like vintage. NEVER has any celebrity tried to collaborate with any fashion luxury design label EVER. Many would rather create their own clothing label with their name all over it. Think of Victoria Beckham, Kanye West, Sean Combs ‘Sean John’ (back in the day) and Beyonce’s ‘House of Dereon’.

Versace’s Versus diffusion will allow music artists and designers to shape the fashion brand’s personality.

Her and Versace are definitely on the same page. Both are trendsetters and making new waves of fashion. Versace featured her own definition of the Punk to ‘Vunk’ using fur, PVC and brights to her A/W 12/13 Collection. M.I.A would wear a clash of fabric African print jumpsuit with a traditional Asian (or Sri-Lankan) head-piece, bright-out trainers. and an Arabic scarf tied around her waist.

Both the designer and artist would rather take risks to change logos and place their own mantle piece on it.  Take Versace’s recent S/S 14 collection. Now who would have thought that Donatella would take a common 90s ‘Guns & Roses’ logo and place her Versace mark on it – with embellishments as well as text ‘Versace’?

Image from http://www.dazeddigital.com

M.I.A has been recognised for creating a subcultural global trend; challenging society’s views on gender, politics, poverty, social issues and course the pop music industry as a whole. Eccentric, funky accessories, bright neons, short shorts, 1980 controversial T-shirts addressing society issues, lavish crazy print, over-the-top sparkles and traditional ones from different global cultures; M.I.A would wear incorporate them all in one outfit.

Regardless of whether Versace’s and/or M.I.A’s styles is not everyone’s cup of tea; at least they’re among  what I call the ‘majority-minority’ who refuse to conform to the controversial values of society. These ladies will use fashion as art and will make waves throughout the world.

Besides, why would anyone want to be ‘normal’ when you can be DIFFERENT.


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