Music Monday: Maxine Ashley – The Hottest Singer From The Block

Wassupp blog world!  Apologies for not putting up so many posts. In case you disappointed that I didn’t talk about fashion week — I will, I just want to create an interesting post so keep it locked.

Now that I’ve said that, let’s talk about the hottest girl right now Maxine Ashley. Who has launched her OFFICIAL music video ‘Glory Box’ (is it me or does she really sound like Beyonce).  Unfortunately, the video has been taken down from Youtube but once it’s up again, I’ll place it on ‘hurr’

Many of you would remember seeing her perform at VOGUE’S Fashion Night Out in New York, you know, the girl that was hanging out with producer mogul (my hands are raised) PharrelL Williams…?

Or how about this, the girl that was in Cool Kids’ Summer Jam video

Well, she has been working hard to get into the music game and has been getting high recognition from the likes of Pharrell and other music industry insiders, thanks to her off-the-chain-swaggadorn song covers from the likes of Aayliah, Beyonce, Frank Ocean, Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill like these faves (please note these are selected by personal taste and opinion).

Beyonce – I Care

Aayliah – Are You That Somebody

Frank Ocean – Thinking About You

There’s not much about her past work but she’s launched her own single ‘Cookieman and has worked with Alex Gaudino and Pharrell Williams (yes, that producer mogul)…but that was like, ages ago.


Here Are We

Alex Gaudino  (ft Maxine Ashley) – I’m In Love (I Wanna Do It)

…guess she looking on developing a cool sound that will give her that Maxine Ashley trademark. Alongside her cool hair dyes.

Nevertheless, her bloopers, versatility and swag is what makes her likeable. Working with Williams is just the icebreaker of her begininngs of becoming a superstar. Her single ‘Glorybox’ is her first release from her EP ‘Moodswings’, which is out on September 17th TOMORROW). If you’re interested in following this singer then follow her on social media, because she’ll be definitely be making moves soon.

Watch out for this hot-songstress on your music soundwaves people!


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