NO Internship Role As Of Yet

So the rain has returned, summer’s gone and guess what?  I’m still at it. Although, I’m still awaiting reply from Sony and NSPCC (Sony I’ll find out on the 20th September). Sadly, I never got that Dune internship position in Marketing and I’m still awaiting a response about their Press internship at their Press Office (yes, the same company folks). I’ve recently applied for an internship at AOL as a PR, Marketing & Communications Intern and Global Radio as a Fundraising Assistant in their charity division. The internship in Ketchum looks very interesting. Maybe I should consider applying for the Brand PR Intern Role.

Looking for internships is a tough snatch in these times. With the increase of graduates obtaining degrees looking for jobs, employers have become more strict on the essential skills needed for the  job specification. It’s normal. I mean, who would want to waste their time teaching graduates things that they should already know how to operate?

Anyhoo, I’m still looking for jobs/internship roles. Despite having foundation experience, I feel that I should continue being resilient and begin looking to advance by blog by purchasing a new camera…whilst at the same time, looking for an internship role.

Just thank God that I have that retail part-time job…be greatful for the little things.


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