EXCLUSIVE Films 2015: Ant-Man Competes With Man Of Steel & Avengers With Its Release Date

At the moment we have Superman, Batman, Captain America, The Avengers, Thor and Spiderman that have invaded our silver screens. Next in line from Marvel school is Ant-Man.


(Please note that this is not the official poster. No poster has been released as of yet…but you know how the WORLD-WIDE-WEB goes.)

Funnily enough, Disney will be creating the film. Interesting. Just when we all thought either Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers or one of these big film companies would have get the contract/deal…whatever you want to call it. Guess they want to appeal to a younger audience.

With 2014 almost upon us, expect 2015 to be a year of great competition because Ant-Man will get its debut in November alongside summer releases of The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Man of Steel 2 (which the film is still untitled.

In a way, it raises my question as to whether sequels, trilogies and boxsets for blockbusters are now becoming a norm now…maybe I should really look into this.


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