Films 2013: Ryan Reynolds & Jeff Bridges Become Human-Soul-Defenders in R.I.P.D

While Christmas movie trailers (and the Christmas department at Selfridges) are giving us a head start to the holiday season, Ryan Reynolds has been busy starring alongside Jeff Bridges in another supernatural action-quest film created by the producer that was behind the smash franchise Fast & Furious as well as I Am Legend (Neal H. Moritz).

R.I.P.D (Rest In Peace Department) follows two soul policemen that protect the world-of-the-living from a breed of destructive being who refuse to R.I.P (rest-in-peace).

Controlling the camera is Robert Schwentke while Michael Fottrell and Mike Richardson work alongside Neal H. Moritz to bring the film to life. It’s almost like the supernatural version of Men In Black after watching the trailer…

Catch the film on September 20 UK!


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