Ariana Grande – ENOUGH With The Comparisons! Just Be Grateful That She’s Bringing ‘Old Skool’ To ‘New Skool’

We may know her as Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon’s Victorious, ICarly and new spinoff Sam & Cat but Ariana Grande is definitely becoming a superstar-in the making. Many have high hopes for the 20 year old to obtain a career of  breaking global record sales, hits and Grammy award wins; just like legends Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey…

The ‘legend’ tag is already going with her already. Since her debut album ‘Yours Truly’ stormed to the number 1 hot spot in 30 countries WORLDWIDE (including the US) expectations about this young Italian sweetie (who is a big icing cupcake for the fellas) are high. Let’s be real, after the 20th Century (especially the 90s) and the first decade of the 21st Century, music has just gone downhill (well, let’s say 70% has). No more of those amazing powerful, voices who made us emotionally attached to every note and word they sang. You know, those legends that worked hard for their craft who changed the game. Where I can begin? Well I’ll give you a quick music history recap ‘innit’:

  • Michael Jackson was the first Black man to have his video ‘Billie Jean’ aired on MTV on repeat…he was the one that started the whole music video craze, the moonwalk and group choreography.
  • Mariah Carey has more number 1’s globally than any other female artist in history. Personally, I think she’s on the same level as Whitney Houston. Both them have the amazing abilities to reach those high-notes like a dolphin.
  • The Spice Girls were the biggest girl group ever.

Other legends include: Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, Christina Arguilera…whether it was their voices or material. These are just the few that have changed the way we all relate and listen to music.

Unfortunately, many of those powerful voices are now laid to rest. Nowadays it’s all about the autotunes. I’m even still speculating about Justin Timberlake’s win of the ‘Legend’ award at the VMAs (so it’s like that now? Just be in the industry for 10 years despite being inconsistent for a few and you’re considered a legend…nice). That topic will be discussed another time.

Ariana Grande has openly admitted at interviews that her main music inspirations stems from the likes of Whitney Houston, India Arie (surprisingly) and Mariah Carey. She’s bringing ‘pop R&B’ to a whole new generation; the old skool influences we all use to love and grew up with.

Sister is even taking rap songs and giving them a broadway vibe.

With regards to the comparisons of her voice, please people give the sister a break! Ariana is just another human being making her own history and should be celebrated for it. Christina Arguilera, Whitney Houston, Beyonce and Mariah Carey all have powerful voices. However, each of them took advantage of their singing abilities with the help of their environment and hard lessons…I’m basically saying that every powerful singing voice is unique and should never be compared.  So, with Ariana Grande being a ‘copycat’ or compared to Mariah Carey — enough!

Even though it’s still early days for Grande, one thing is official — she’s going to have a flourishing music career post-Nickelodeon. Similarly to the greats singing icons of our time, she can SAN-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-G…there’s a difference.

Fingers crossed that she doesn’t begin to crack after all of this success.


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