Music Monday: Dora-Martin = Cherri Voncelle + Jermaine Riley

Awww man! You have to check this duo out for the first time EVER at Musicalize; alongside the legendary Brandy, Mike Hough and Rachel Kerr on the 24th September at IndigO2 (purchase your tickets).

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To all of you that miss the 90s and 00s R&B days, whilst detesting the way urban music has evolved (well, not all of it but a good majority) then you’ll enjoy Dora-Martin. At the moment, it’s still early days for this upcoming-mission-impossible-creatives Cherri Voncelle (previously known as Cherri V) and Jermaine Riley (who used to be in Fundamental back in the day) however, they’re definitely creating a buzz in the UK music scene. Have a listen to their Jay-Z re-edit of his track ‘Somewhere in America’.

Somewhere in Love (Somewhere In America Jay-Z Refix)

Both artists have accomplished many things as individuals but them combined with their vocals makes them a duo that the whole world should watch out for. Yes people, the unique equation of the pair allows us to see the modernization of R&B in accordance to the Dora-Martin personality. They’ve teased us their next track ‘Skyline’, which will be available on September 9th.

If the teaser doesn’t do you any justice but like what you’re hearing from Dora Martin, then keep updated of their latest moves to super stardom on their social media accounts and sign up to their newsletter.

Ooooooh Dora-Martin! For the record, they’re alongside the legendary, upcoming UK & US jewels that are resurrecting the good days of R&B to a new world.

Dora Martin that grape juicejpg New Song: Dora Martin   Somewhere In Love (Jay Z Refix)

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