Films 2015 EXCLUSIVE: Ben Affleck As Batman in Man of Steel 2

So you’ve heard right? Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the next Man of Steel sequel with protagonist Henry Cavill.


While many are pleased with the news and supporting Mr Affleck 100%, they are others that are somewhat disappointed. One tweeter placed on his status ‘So Ben Affleck’s the new Batman, now everything goes downhill from here’ (very harsh tut, tut). I mean, didn’t Christian Bale play Dark Knight in all of the three trilogies (just a thought)? I was quite surprised about the news because in my previous post entitled ‘Batman/Superman Movie? Now That’s Epic.’ I raised the question as to whether Christian Bale will play Batman. I fell to the assumption that it would happen…guess Warner Brothers and director Zac Synder have other ideas. Actors  Matt Damon (10th cousin) and Joss Wheldone have all stated their support on the actor-award-winning-directors new role so people, it isn’t all that bad…

…although, come to think of it, I can see why many are sceptic about Affleck. His debut in film Daredevil was a disappointment and Man of Steel is level 100 compared to Daredevil. Nevertheless, it’s great that  he’s on board, just that more work needs to done in order for the movie to be a box-office hit. Besides, he’ll look smoking attractive in that Batman gear compared to Daredevil (wink, wink).



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