Miley Cyrus Love; You May Be Twerking But You’ve Got A Long Way To Go

I’m back and ready to give my non-professional-critically-analyse…wait, forget that I’m just going to be honest but without hurting nobody, just looking at things with different perspective. WARNING: this blog post will contain humour.

MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMA) 2013 invaded New York last weekend (nice) and apart from everyone talking about One Direction, Justin Timberlake reunion with N*Sync and Danity Kane, the person on everyone’s lips was Miley Cyrus…

…yes, yes I know. She had a ‘spotlight’ moment with her ‘twerk’ video. However, many of you fans are beginning to be filled with mixed emotions about her performance at the VMAs. Guess your love for the Hannah-Montana girl is beginning to deteriorate (or maybe the contrary). I think this picture of Will Smith family’s reaction best describes your response (even though it was actually for Lady Gaga’s impressive dance moves)…

After looking at the Youtube videos of her VMA performance and the harsh comments by viewers, many would agree that Miley Cyrus’ performance…hold on, let me rephrase — her transformation from ‘Disney girl’ to young woman has gained her both more followers, haters and lovers-turned-haters. A colleague of mine at work thinks that Miley is becoming ‘provocatively desperate’.

Me personally, it’s understandable that child stars begin to mature in celebrity-puberty and want to change their image, whilst transcending to adulthood BUT there’s a difference between maturing mentally, physically and maturing in a way that you become ‘inappropriate’ for children, teens and young adults that have grown up with you from your childhood TV show. Besides, who does Miley thinks she is? People still associate her with her ‘Hannah Montana’ roots man (as well as her father who is a country singer). Why can’t she be like Selena Gomez? She was from Disney but she transformed into a classy lady…because she understands that once you’ve started from Disney, that ‘tag’ indirectly stays with you forever. It’s a gradual process to change your brand (i.e your image) to a reputation that people would know you as for example, Selena Gomez instead of ‘that girl from Disney’ or ‘that girl on that Disney show Wizards of Waverely Place’.

It’s early days for Ms Cyrus and yet she already doing overly sexy gestures on Robin Thicke. This has got many thinking that she looks like a crazy-over-sexualised-stripper ready to have intercourse with any man (that grinding on Robin Thicke was a bit too much). She’s only done one song and she’s doing things as if she’s a professional in them. Now that’s interesting…goes to show how the world has changed since the days of  That’s So Raven, Sister Sister, Kenan & Kel, Zoey 101 and Drake & Josh.

Oh well, regardless of the media, bloggers and the public saying WTF (what the foolishness) to her ‘spotlight’ actions this year, she has more followers and supporters…just make sure that your young girls don’t start copying her crazy antics for attention. That’s all.

…Disney has a funny way of psychologically messing up it’s child superstars when they become adults. If you wondering what I mean and intrigued for me to expand my statement, well NEWSFLASH — I’m not going to! Just be alert and let your young tween/teenage/adolescent daughters grow with CLASS.


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