EXCLUSIVE: Films 2013 Hunger Games ‘Catching Fire’ WORLD PREMIERE in LONDON!

Yes, yes, yeah! The blog post title has already said it all. Inside Movies has just reported that the second movie to the Hunger Games trilogy will have a world premiere in LONDON. That’s right folks, the epic movie will bring London to light on November 11. Apparently, it’s part of a 100 days opening of the second film adaption to the best-selling novel by Suzanne Collins.

Man! When I was writing the article about the new trailer, something was telling me that there was a possibility that will do the premiere in London. I had the instinct deep in my gut that it will have a massive premiere in one of the most historic capitals in the world (let’s be honest, the first settlers were indigenous people which was then conquered by the Romans).

Haven’t seen the trailer yet? Then read Films 2013: The Hunger Games 2 Catching Fire is A Fight For The Human Race where you can get a good teaser of what happens after Katniss and Mark won the 74th game-tournament. The movie will officially be in cinemas on November 22nd.

Looks like London will spark the night sky once again.



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