The ‘Mistresses’ and Their Married Celebrity Lovers

Women are getting devious as ever. They will go and have an affair with top male celebrities (usually, the majority being sport stars) and then become a money-hunting-mistress who either want fame. Trust me, these days women are becoming vainer by the minute.

If you’re tuning to my blog; I welcome you. It’s gradually growing day by day. I promise you; you won’t be disappointed.

So why did I say the previous opening statements? Well, rumours have escalated concerning the cheat allegations/rumours/claims (whatever you want to call it) of Lamar Odom and Polina Polonsky.  We all know that this isn’t the first time we hear all these male celebrities cheating on their wives. Remember the Tiger Woods’ cheating scandal that utterly destroyed his marriage (sigh)? Let’s not forget the Ryan Giggs’ affair allegations with model Imogen Thomas (brother went ahead to get an injunction).

It’s funny how these ladies are going out with these married male celebrities. Don’t be stupid to tell me that you weren’t aware that the brother was married dur  (unless, brother lied and deceived you that he wasn’t).  Why would you go and have an affair with a married man anyways? No respectable woman in their mind would ever go out with somebody’s man. You are free to say that a man’s attractive. However, if the brother is attractive, married or in a relationship with a woman…then I guess those invisible rays are surrounding him. Sorry love, but ‘THAT’ MAN IS TAKEN.

What’s worse is when these women would come forward to the gossip papers claiming that they are the ‘mistress’ (a minority will go a little vulgar and begin talking about what he said to her and their relationship). I assume that the statements are true about a woman’s love for a man with money; especially if they’re rich, popular and (of course) handsome in the public eye. Nothing attracts women more than a man who is financially secure and has the capabilities of looking after her. Nevertheless, it’s the love for money that would cause many to get paid by the gossip publications to ditch the dirt about their ‘fling’ whilst that’s male’s sport star marriage is being tested. Let’s be real, those marriage vows of ‘for better for worse…’ has just become real.

I do hope that Lamar Odom’s love for Khloe Kardashian will conquer these allegations. I wish none to go through this. Besides, marriage is such as great commitment that requires work from both sexes. That love you have for each other must never die. Love is such a beautiful thing…just a shame that there are women who are homewreckers…hmmmmmmm.


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